A Tiny Death - Readers Comments - Comments by Anna Fuller - 20 Feb 2002
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A Tiny Death - Readers Comments - Comments by Anna Fuller - 20 Feb 2002

In Reference to: A Tiny Death

Thanks Roger, for "A Tiny Death".

I too, love those little lives and feel for them.  Who could fail to be awed by the incredible variety and beauty of God's creation? It is everywhere, even beneath our feet as we walk.  When we first came to live here I used hate the scrubby growth that covered most of the small piece of land we bought extremely cheaply. Cheap because it has a fine crop of blackberry, broom, bracken and buddleia.  I'd plan how as soon as the money became available, I would get in machinery and men with scrub-cutters to clear the brush away so that I could sow grass for our two horses.

But the money never did become available and now I'm glad.  Over time I have come to know many of the creatures that live in the dense cover -  pheasants and California quail,  hedgehogs, native and introduced species of birds. Lizards, cicadas, spiders and billions of other insects live there too.  Not far from the house a colony of stick insects thrive in a neglected grapevine.  The seeds of shrubs, weeds and wild grasses provide feed for birds - as do the insects, I suppose! I love the sense of knowing we are surrounded by billions of God's little critters living their little lives, all of us sharing the same environment. Must say though, I do draw the line somewhere, so have screens to keep them out of the house!

Now there's no way I'd let anyone invade that special place, although the goats help to contain the scrub. As for the horses, well, most of their feed is shop bought!  

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