A Tiny Death - Readers Comments - Comments by Mindy Tucker - 1 October 2003
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A Tiny Death - Readers Comments - Comments by Mindy Tucker - 1 October 2003

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Thanks, Roger, for a very moving story. It made me think of not too long ago, when I found a huge beautiful brown and pink moth outside of a grocery store one summer morning. It could hardly even crawl on the pavement, much less fly. I walked over to it, and a man said, "You can kill it, or I'll stomp it and put it out of it's misery," and he laughed. I said, "No I won't, and you won't either!" I gently picked it up and got a large sack from my friend who worked at the store, put it inside, and poked holes in the sack for the 2 mile trip back to my house. I took the moth out to my vegetable garden, put the sack on the ground and opened it so it could get out. The little fellow crawled out, sat on the sack for a minute...and took off pretty as you please, soaring into the air! It's amazing that God's creatures FEEL the GENUINE love from caring people, and it HEALS. I've seen it time after time with animals I have rescued too! Animals that my friends said wouldn't make it though the night after the vets had done all they could!

Your story made me cry, as I thought of the diligent little butterfly...trying until it couldn't hold on any more. I watch the little "writing spiders," as I call them, little black and yellow garden spiders, around our home. I check on them every day, and this time of year I see that they have laid their egg sacks, and it won't be long until cold weather gets the best of them.I always cry when I find another one gone on a cold morning. But I also know that God will allow the eggs to hatch in the spring,and their offspring will live to carry on.

Sincerely, Mindy Tucker 

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