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EVEN Interview with Joanne Kong

From EVEN Eugene Veg Education Network
September 2022

"I feel that veganism is the path by which we all re-discover the core qualities that are the most beautiful gifts we can give to other beings — our sensitivity, empathy, kindness and compassion."

Since this 2018 interview, Joanne appeared in the major documentary Eating Our Way to Extinction and edited Vegan Voices: Essays by Inspiring Changemakers.

Joanne Kong

Dr. Joanne Kong has been praised as one of the most compelling advocates for plant-based nutrition today, centered ethically in raising awareness that greater compassion for animals and our planet is vitally necessary for transformative growth and positive world change. Interviewed for the upcoming major documentary Eating Our Way to Extinction and recipient of the University of Richmond's 2017 Sustainability Leadership Award, she addresses the urgency with which the world community must acknowledge the devastating impacts of animal agriculture on our environment, and motivates others to bring about a kinder, more compassionate world through veganism.

Joanne’s recent presentations include Oakland VegFest, the Veggie Pride Parade in New York, San Francisco's World Veg Festival, Green Food Fest in Norway, the North American Veg Society's Summerfest, a 3-week speaking tour of India, and she was honored to be a guest speaker for EVEN this past year.

Dr. Kong is the author of If You've Ever Loved an Animal, Go Vegan, and her highly-praised TEDx talk, currently at over 400,000 views on YouTube, is included in Unbound Project, “a multimedia and book project that celebrates the inspiring women who have been at the forefront of animal advocacy around the globe."

EVEN: How did veganism become part of your life?

Joanne: My husband and I first became vegetarian over 30 years ago when we read the book Animal Factories by Jim Mason and Peter Singer. It opened our eyes to the system of mass cruelty and violence that is a part of our food production systems. Frankly, it was something that we had never thought about even though, while college students at the University of Oregon, we knew or occasionally met vegans and vegetarians.

After reading the book, the very next day we vowed to leave animals off our plates forever. Once we had become aware, the decision was a very easy one to make, as was becoming vegan.


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