Persons - Spring 2021 Newsletter
Animal Rights/Vegan Activist Strategies Article from

FROM David Cantor, RAP Responsible Policies for Animals
June 2021

Putting a lid on animal-abuse promotion: RAP's 'Enlighten the Luminaries' campaign addresses those authors, experts and spokespersons who 'inform' without challenging conventional wisdom, as in addressing tyranny yet never mentioning animals or addressing 'spillover infections from anmals' yet never mentioning animal abuse.

Spring 2021, PERSONS Newsletter (PDF)

Persons newsletter

Here is the Spring 2021 issue of Persons, the Newsletter of Responsible Policies for Animals.

I hope this finds you well and the animal abuse-generated COVID-19 pandemic subsiding where you live and work.

I hope you will find the articles informative and useful.

Like most issues of Persons in recent years, this issue promotes change to a new kind of animal-advocacy strategy that is desperately needed if there is ever to be a reduction in animal abuse. I've been saddened by the loss of colleagues and friends of decades who didn't live to see a new advocacy paradigm established or abuse reduced.

Thank you for your interest and support, and keep well.

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