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Why Do We Eat Babies on Easter?

FROM Renee King-Sonnen, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary
Facebook posting, April 8, 2022

A a lamb is a baby who is killed around 6 to 8 months of age.

Leg of lamb
Lamb and 'leg of lamb'...

Have you ever stopped to consider that a lamb is a baby that is killed around 6-8 months? Lambs grow up to be sheep that can live as long as 15 years old. Yet we grotesquely breed babies to be slaughtered and thereby strip them of their right to life because we want to eat their flesh. Lambs are one of the gentlest and kindest of animals—so why in the world would we want to eat them at all–and why on earth is Easter the day that we’ve collectively decided is “eat baby lambs day”?

Mother sheep are so maternal. They bond deeply with their babies yet we have decided as a culture to raise them in filthy factory farms and to rip them from their mothers when they are just a few days old. Let that sink in – babies ripped from their mothers at just a few days old and then the sheep are impregnated over and over again.

Grieving mothers, scared babies and slaughterhouses that often ineffectively stun the babies and their throats are violently cut open while still conscious. These babies try everything to flee the brutal slaughter but because they are such gentle beings they are easily pushed around and killed in spite of their attempts to flee.

Many people are opposed to animal cruelty but insist that eating animals is necessary. The science is clear: Humans are more than capable of living happy, healthy lives without eating any animal products, whatsoever!

Roughly 2,000,000 sheep are slaughtered for food every single day! This Easter choose a plant based meat instead. Forego the suffering, the blood and end tradition of violent cruelty to babies for an Easter dinner.

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