Campaign Update from the Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos
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FROM Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos
September 14, 2021

The Alliance does not oppose Kaporos per se, only the cruel and unnecessary use of chickens in the ceremony.

UPDATE September 24: 708 Kaporos Chickens Rescued!


Last week we reported the prompt, successful rescue of 250 crated chickens who fell off a truck taking them to Kaporos sites in Brooklyn, New York. They are now in good hands receiving good, loving care.

chicken truck accident

See: Emergency Rescue of 250 Kaporos Chickens!

Today we are pleased to report that the Alliance has raised $13,076 of the $19,750 projected budget to cover the emergency care, veterinary expenses, transport to sanctuaries throughout the United States, and support for sanctuaries making special arrangements to accommodate their new chicken residents. We will therefore receive the matching donation of $10,000 to support our chicken rescue operation! Thank you, everyone, for contributing!

Yesterday, the Kaporos chicken swinging and slaughtering got underway in Brooklyn and elsewhere in the U.S. and the world where Chicken Kaporos is practiced by participating Hasidic enclaves.

Our Alliance Team members are out there in the neighborhoods rescuing chickens and doing their best to change the hearts, minds, and practice of those who take part in this sad ritual. We anticipate that 250 or more chickens will be rescued this week.

Meanwhile, an article in the Jerusalem Post featuring Alliance activist Rina Deych, and a new film featuring our End Chicken Kaporos activities over the past five years can be read and watched here:

Rina Deych writes: Aaron Reich, a journalist for the Jerusalem Post, called me this evening. Here is the result: Ahead of Yom Kippur, Jewish activists debunk Kapparot misconceptions

Jill Carnegie writes: CaveLight Films has managed to compile over 5 years of footage to artfully present the emotional work of ending the use of chickens as Kaporos. We thank them for their thoughtfulness and their hard work. 

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