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PLEASE RESPECT THE LIVES OF PIGS: Educating the public and humane organizations about the particular needs of the PBP and their value as a sentient being is most important. When outside animal agencies see that people DO care about the welfare of pigs, they begin to care more too!

We DO NOT promote the pig as a pet, however, we would rather see socialized rescue animals placed in loving homes where they can get the love and attention that they deserve, rather than living in a herd environment. We adopt out to approved homes and take the animals back for any reason without question, if necessary.

We educate people who express an interest in adopting a pet pig; often discouraging them with the truth of what happens after the cute little porker grows up! We STONGLY encourage spaying/neutering of ALL companion animals and only adopt out pet pigs that are spayed/neutered to approved homes. We also do what we can to stop back yard breeders, even buying their breeding stock to help end the cycle of suffering.

PIG AMBASSADORS: By taking PBPís out to events, we are able to educate the public about the wonderful nature and personality of the pig and encourage them to reconsider eating animals. Itís hard for some people to eat a pig, after meeting one in person. The pig opens the door for dialogue on the practice of factory farming and the suffering endured by these intelligent, friendly animals on factory farms. Our message: GET PORK OFF YOUR FORK! GO VEG! Itís hard to ignore the messenger when itís a cute and friendly pig!

We set up tables at events and hand out free literature at every opportunity to help people choose the compassionate lifestyle of veganism/vegetarianism as well as promoting spay/neuter.


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