Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc.

Formerly Wings of Mercy Animal Rescue
Spreading Compassion through:
Rescue, Education, Activism
A 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization

About Us


Rooterville, A Sanctuary Inc. is home to more than 120 pigs, 4 dogs, 50 chickens, 9 turkeys and 3 cats. We are dedicated to rescuing animals in need and working with other sanctuaries that take in rescued animals, particularly Pot Bellied Pigs (PBPs). Our efforts are not limited to the PBP, but they are our specialty and primary focus. We work through a network of hundreds of other rescues and sanctuaries across the country to rescue, spay/neuter, adopt and transport rescued animals.

We are advocates for the compassionate treatment of ALL animals and we endorse the cruelty free lifestyle of a vegan/vegetarian. We are outspoken opponents of factory farming in particular. We buy booth/table space at public events throughout the year to educate the public on the suffering of farmed animals as well as other animal issues such as circuses, vivisection, etc. by giving out free literature and information.

To contact Rooterville, click on the mailbox.

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