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“Pigs need love too!”
from “BABE”, our favorite movie!

It’s true, pigs need and desire love and affection. So often misunderstood and scorned by humans, pigs are actually the most intelligent of domesticated animals, much more so than traditional pet animals such as dogs and cats.

Why do we, as a society, love the one and eat the other? Perhaps it is because we have chosen to be ignorant of the truth behind the whimsically smiling face most only know as “pig”. Please take a moment to browse through and meet these wonderful animals. It is our hope that once you become aware of the plight of the pig, that you will want to help end their suffering.

It is heartbreaking for those who know the beguiling characteristics of the pig to see them cruelly treated, especially the pet pigs that we rescue. There is no greater sin against an animal than that of betrayal and there is no more cruel institution of suffering than the factory farm, especially for the intelligent, inquisitive and affectionate pig. Forcing these wonderful and sensitive animals to live their lives on barren slatted or concrete floors in terrible cold with their mothers confined for their productive years in metal cages which do not even allow them to turn around, is unconscionable. These animals do not deserve to be treated so terribly and by choosing NOT to eat pork, you can stop supporting this horrifically cruel industry. You can witness the factory farm firsthand by visiting the Humane Society of the United State’s web page at: or , or the All Creatures animal exploitation section 

Given the choice, pigs are very clean animals, especially the Pot Bellies who are more of a tropical animal than our domesticated hogs. Pigs LOVE to snuggle up in pillows and blankets or nice, soft hay. They are very much like ourselves in that they enjoy being comfortable and warm, often covering themselves completely in their bedding. Pigs in the wild build soft and warm “nests” for themselves and their families to sleep in made of leaves, grass, plants and any other soft and dry materials they can find.

It is so cute to see a pig building a nest! They carefully select their materials: shaking their heads to bite off branches or scraping together piles of grass or leaves with their front hooves and then carrying their nesting materials to their carefully selected and prepared spot with their mouth! Often I have come home to find that one of my piggies has gathered a selection of Palmetto Palm branches and other leafy branches as well as grass and even mulch to build a special nest of their own! (as if their blankets weren’t enough!)

Each pig is an individual and therefore, personalities vary widely. All pigs are like small children, they need to have loving parental guidance and consistent discipline. Some pigs are “busy” (usually a sign of high intelligence!) needing lots of stimulation and activity to keep them occupied (and out of trouble!). Some are very laid back and are happy with just some occasional stimulation to be happy. It is very important when adopting a pet pig to have an accurate assessment of their personality. A bored pig is a destructive pig and an unhappy pig is prone to become aggressive. A happy, well adjusted pig is a delight and with the proper care, will seldom cause problems or become destructive.

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