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Sanctuary Photos December Rescues

Sanctuary Photos December Rescues
Dec 16, 2008
by Elaine
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The first 2 piggies were rescued from Williston. They had been dumped along a busy road and a lady got them into a small fenced area to protect them. The larger pig had been attacked by dogs and has a badly damaged ear. New babies arrived, 2 pots, Joe and Sallie and a little piney rooter mix, Lulu Belle whose family had been killed by a car. Lulu was the only survivor and she suffered lacerations to her right leg and shoulder area. A good Samaritan collected her and delivered her to a wild life rehabber. She's a pistol!!

Message from Elaine:

Here are some pics of our latest rescues, some real cuties! Mame and Chicha are fortunate to have a sponsor. A piggy can be sponsored for only $25 per month and sponsors receive a nice certificate, a picture and the animal's story. The chickens, duck, dogs and wild birds can be sponsored too for as little as $5 per month. Please consider being a sponsor. Archie has been adopted, yay! Enjoy!

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