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Barney: The pig that flew!  (Photo-left: Barney on the way to the airport)

Barney is a beautiful little pig.  Like many white pigs, Barney was born deaf.  Perhaps the humans that poor little Barney ended up with did not realize that he was unable to hear them.  

For whatever reason, Barney suffered terrible, cruel abuse judging from the scars on his little body.  His harness had grown into his skin leaving deep scars and it appeared that he had been either shot or stabbed at one time as there was a deep wound in his shoulder.  Apparently, someone had helped mend his wounds as they were only scabs when he was picked up by animal control.  

Barney is an incredible pig, despite being so badly abused, he was the most loving and trusting little fellow imaginable!  He loved everyone he met!  He was the hit of the Humane Society’s Walk for the Animals and even made a TV appearance and won an award for being the "Most Unusual" pet!

(Photo-right:  Barney snoozing after the parade)

Barney has been adopted by a wonderful couple in California and has 2 pig brothers.  We had planned a trip to Las Vegas and had hoped that Barney could fly in the plane with us.  As much as I tried, I could not convince the airline to let him aboard with us, so he had to fly cargo on another plane.  His new parents would drive up and meet us at the airport.  

(Photo-left: Barney on the way to the airport)

As Barney awaited his flight, he quickly became the object of attention.  You can imagine the surprise of people who expected to see a dog or a cat in a pet carrier and stooped down to find a cute little pink pig instead!  

(Photo-right: Barney in his carrier getting a drink.)

We watched as he "boarded" his plane and went off to board ours. We arrived at nearly the same time and his new mom and dad were at the airport anxiously awaiting his arrival.

Photo-below left:  Barney helping out! - Photo-below right: Barney taking a snooze)

When he arrived, we wanted to get him out of his carrier and walking on his leash.  We were amazed to find that he hadn’t soiled his bedding after such a long flight, but he sure was in a hurry to find a potty!  He ran to the airport door and ALMOST made it to the landscaping before losing control!  The poor little guy!  He followed us like a puppy through the heavy Vegas airport traffic like he’d been there a thousand times. We loaded him and sent him happily on his way to his new home. He is doing great and his mom sends me pics of him every now and then.  What a great—and lucky little pig!

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