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Lily. Lily is a spayed female, approximately 4 years old. After being in my care for nearly a year now, Lily is still looking for a special home. She is housetrained, very affectionate, VERY smart and inquisitive and has no bad habits (unless you leave bags of food, containers of pet food, garbage, etc down where she can find them!). She does not root and must be a house pig with yard privileges.  Lily does not like dogs and must be supervised around them. Lily would not be a good pig to have around small children. Lily is a busy pig! She is very special and will steal your heart if given a chance!

Lily came to me after an email was posted on one of the pet pig lists about a pig that was being badly abused at her current home. It was reported that she had been beaten in the face with a pipe. We were told that Lily was small, only about 55 lbs. Her human mom loved her, but the step son was abusing Lily when she wasn’t home and she feared for Lily’s life. Immediately, arrangements were made for transporting Lily from her current unsafe home near Tampa to me in Panama City.

When I picked Lily up in Gainesville, I was surprised to see that this 55lb pig was really about 120lbs! Which is fine, except I think I would have brought more help to lift her from one vehicle to the next, had I known!

Poor Lily….pigs are creatures of habit that form strong bonds with their "family" members. Being uprooted and relocated is very hard for most pigs and it was especially hard for Lily. She was a very angry pig, the anger was even apparent on her face. Along with the anger, Lily was terribly aggressive. Fearing a sudden beating or kick to the face, Lily often lashed out, trying to be the first to attack with a well placed bite! Poor Lily, she had no idea that she would never be beaten or abused again, abuse was all that she had known. And so the process of transforming this vicious, angry, attack pig began.

I have never been frightened of a pig until Lily came along. Lily was vicious and she could do very serious damage if she were successful in her attempts to bite. I couldn’t spank or hit her, that is what she expected and it would only infuriate her further. So, to correct Lily took a somewhat unusual approach and one not meant for the novice! When Lily went into the attack or threatening mode, I had to CAREFULLY (and quickly, I might add!) get hold of her and tip her over onto her back, holding her there until she settled down. It took several months for Lily to come around, but now, she is the most loveable and personable pig ever! She is so cute. She loves to be busy and will get into things quickly, if you aren’t paying attention! She was learning to paint before she was torn from our home by our City Council, which passed a new ordinance prohibiting having more than one PBP per household. We are still going through the legal process challenging this new law, but until it is settled, Lily and all of my piggies have had to take shelter in a sanctuary. I miss them terribly, especially Lily. She is a special girl. She needs a loving home in which she will be the only pig or have only one other companion pig. Who knows, she may become rich and famous for her "Pigasso’s" someday!

If you are interested in giving this special piggy a loving home, please contact Elaine at [email protected] 

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