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"Pigs need love too!"  ~
from "BABE"


MIMI: Poor Mimi, she was my second rescue and she nearly broke my heart.  When Lois, the director at the shelter, called me to see what I could do to help Mimi, I did not know what I was going to find when I got there.  Mimi was HUGE!  She was so obese, she did not even want to move.  She was frightened and depressed and not knowing the difference between the sexes, the shelter had put a young boar in with her who was rubbing her body raw from trying to, well, you know! ;-)

We took the boar out of the small kennel and made the appointment for him to visit the vet.  Then, it was back to Mimi.  I was afraid she was going to be my first casualty to euthanasia, there was no way that I would be able to find a home for her, but I had to try. She had been at the shelter for her allotted time as a "stray" and her time was up.  I asked Lois to give me the weekend to see if someone had a big enough heart to offer this sweet girl a home.  I took the pictures and posted them on the pet pig lists, fearing the worst. Praise the Lord, I could not believe the response that we got! Several wonderful folks, touched by her story offered her homes!  What a wonderful surprise!

Shortly thereafter, another obese pig was on his way to be destroyed when Lynne, who operates a fantastic sanctuary in the Tampa area-Noah’s Ark, begged to save him from her local animal control to go to one of the homes that had been offered for Mimi.  She nearly wasn’t able to rescue the pig, now named Drew from going to slaughter (her animal control’s "humane" solution for unwanted pet pigs!).  How wonderful that things worked out, we nearly lost Drew.

As arrangements were made and funds raised to help make the trip with the Shelter’s truck and 4 horse trailer to take these piggies to their new homes, a couple of more piggies ended up at the shelter that needed to be neutered.  Once everyone was healed up, we were off! First stop to Lake City to pick up Drew and a couple of other piggies that had been the victims of a divorce and another sweet little girl who had been adopted by a family in Indiana.  Then, on to Georgia to deliver Mimi to her new home (in the pouring rain, it happened to be the "storm of the century in Georgia!) and then Drew to his new home on the north side of Atlanta and finally, to meet my friend Tamara, of Safe Harboar Farms, in Kentucky who offered to take 2 of the piggies to her sanctuary and deliver another 4 of them to the family in Indiana!

We transferred the rest of the piggies to Tamara’s trailer and I headed back through Georgia in the worst storm I have ever encountered!  It was miserable and I KNOW that I saw a tornado in the night along side a deserted stretch of the highway!  Thank the Lord that in all of my travels delivering piggies across the states, that He has kept us safe.





Mimi in her new home!

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