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Squeaky. Poor Squeaky had been from home to home and needed some permanence! He has now been adopted.

He is about 8 months old and was found alongside a busy highway by a rescue person who was afraid he would be hit by a car. She found the pigís human family, but they didnít have a fenced yard, Squeaky had not been neutered (nor did they intend to neuter him!) and they did not seem to care about him or his whereabouts. So, off he went with the rescuer! And it is good for him because an unneutered pig would wander and most likely, poor Squeaky would have ended up being crushed by a passing vehicle. Unneutered pigs are MOST annoying, falling in "love" with anything that will hold still long enough for them to "prove" it! Not only that, but they have a very strong "boar" smell that the sows find irresistible, however it is not so entrancing to humans!

Saved from the perilous and less than adequate situation he was in, Squeaky went to a foster home under the direction of the local Humane Society. He was neutered and safe now. Eventually, he was adopted by a college student who took him for a short time, but had to return him when her boyfriends didnít approve of him. Apparently, the boyfriends enjoyed abusing and tormenting the poor little fellow. So, back he came to a new foster home.

Not long after, Squeaky was adopted by a nice woman who was a nurse. Nurses seem to have a special affinity for pigs, a scientific study needs to be done on this! His new mom loved him, but before long, a neighbor complained to the city about him and she was forced to give him up. Unfortunately, this happens all too often as ignorant and intolerant people refuse to see the wonderful pig as a companion animal and not a filthy, farm animal. So, again, Squeaky needed a new home, and fast. So arrangements were made for me to pick him up.

Squeaky is a wonderful little pig. Approximately 60lbs, he should mature at around 125-150. He is very playful and LOVES to snuggle with people. He is very amiable and well behaved. He gets along well with dogs and cats and enjoys playing with paper, shaking it and shredding it! Too cute! He has his own comforter and pillow, which he burrows into to sleep. Squeaky does root in the yard, not bad though. He is housetrained and has no bad habits. A very loving fellow that needs some permanence in his life!

UPDATE: Squeaky has been adopted by a wonderful family! He has his own piggy mansion built specially for him and his new family sends us a Christmas card with him in his Santa hat every year! He is living the high life now and heís loved more than any piggy could ever hope to be loved in this life.

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