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The Fox

Wishful Thinking

In 2001, this mother fox and her family were our neighbors...

...momma lovingly raised her five children, two of whom are in this photo...

...and sometimes momma would stand on the roof of her home and we would just look at each other.  The Bible teaches us that we are to love our neighbors as ourselves.  If we truly love, we will do no harm.  See Our Neighbors the Foxes


(Fox - Fur - 12) Trapping is one of the most cruel and sadistic enterprises that any human being could engage in. Trapping causes long hours of excruciating pain. Have you ever caught a finger in a door? Do you remember how much it hurt? With a leg hold trap, the whole leg is slammed into the jaws of the trap and the agony goes on for hours, and even days. Put an end to the suffering! Stop wearing fur!

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Photo from: Animals Voice Online