Equine (Horses, Ponies, Burros, etc.)Equine (Horses, Ponies, Burros, etc.)
An Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery Presentation from All-Creatures.org

This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Equine Exploitation (Horses, Ponies, Burros, etc.) is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Equine Exploitation (Horses, Ponies, Burros, etc.)
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Wishful Thinking


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Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 01
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 01)  This once majestic horse lies in the bottom of this bloody killing shoot in a slaughterhouse.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 02
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 02)  This horse has been strung up by one hind leg and is being "bled out."  To many people, horses are just as much their companions as dogs or cats.  To kill these beloved animals like this is an evil betrayal of trust.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 03
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 03)  Horses are being dismembered in this bloody slaughterhouse.  The Bible teaches us that these animals are living souls, just are we are.  We should be lovingly caring for them instead of sending them to such a torturous end.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 04
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 04)  A violent end for once proud horses is more common than most people realize.  We hope and pray that images like this one will make people realize that killing any animal for food is wrong and unnecessary.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 05
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 05)  The carnage goes on and on because human beings refuse to extend their sphere of love and compassion to all animals.  Rightly does the Bible teach us: "A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel." (Proverbs 12:10 NASU)
Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 06
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 06)  This horse died on the way to slaughter.  When horses are of no further "use" to humans, they are betrayed and sent to their death.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 07
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 07)  Because of human hardness of heart, these horses died while being transported to a slaughterhouse.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 08
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 08)  This horse's body has been split in two and is being hosed out.  A loving and feeling horse, whose desire was to enjoy God's creation, is no more.  All that remains is a side of meat.  Stop the carnage!  Stop eating meat!  Go vegan!
Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 09
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 09)  Side after side of horse meat hangs from racks in this slaughterhouse cold room, because people consider horses and other animals commodities rather than the companions that God created them to be.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 10
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 10)  Horse heads and other unwanted body parts are thrown into a large container for shipment to a rendering plant.  There is no softness or warmth of heart in this business; there are only thoughts of cold hard cash.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 11
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 11)  These Welsh ponies are at a market on their way to slaughter.  The RSPCA was investigating reports that they were being abused.  Whether or not these particular allegations are true isn't as important as understanding that the vast majority of all farmed animals are abused.  The only way to stop it is to stop supporting the industry by not buying or eating meat.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 12
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Meat - 12)  Unfortunately, horse meat is quite popular on the continent of Europe, where the remains of these once proud animals are sent.  When will people wake up to the pain and suffering that is on their plates.


Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 01
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 01)  Who would do such a thing? Only a very cowardly person. In recent years many horses - particularly in England, Germany and North America - have been mutilated or attacked for no apparent reason. This horse was found March 5, 1998, ten miles south of Alamosa, Colorado.  Long winter hair was cut cleanly to an eighth of an inch.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 02
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 02)  Here are two horses who were obviously starved to death in Wisconsin in 2009. Their bodies were then dumped into a ravine as "coyote bait."
Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 03
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 03)  Another view of the two horses.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 04
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 04) The two horses who were starved to death were obviously neglected in many ways. When was the last time this horse's hooves were trimmed?
Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 05
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 05) A closer look at the face of a horse who could have been a happy animal if only caring people had found him soon enough.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 06
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 06) Kati lived for a year in a dark, dirty corrugated shed without windows. The stench made it difficult for rescuers to breathe...the smell of pus and decay. She lived only one of her possible 30 years in a dark corrugated sheet hut, in her own feces, alone. Help came too late.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 07
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 07) Kati died three weeks after being rescued. She was, for the only time in her life, surrounded by love.
Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 08
(Equine Exploitation - Horse Abuse - 08) Layla and her foal Tonka were rescued near death from starvation. They both seem sad and very weak there are times when Tonka seems semi-comatose. Watching him try to nurse is enough to make you cry he may only get a drop not enough to even swallow and his mom looks almost ashamed that she has no milk. It is very heart breaking. As of the day we published this picture, the two were still alive, barely. Who turned their head and pretended not to see this tragedy?

Pregnant Mares Urine (PMU) Farming

(Horse - Pregnant Mares Urine (PMU) Farming - 01)  The largest source of female hormone replacement therapy (HRT) medications comes from pregnant mares urine.  The name Premarin is an acronym of its source PREgnant MARes urINe.  These drugs are prescribed with no concern for the pain and suffering of many mares like these.
(Horse - Pregnant Mares Urine (PMU) Farming - 02)  The pregnant, catheterized horses are kept chained in these narrow stalls day and night so that the hormones can be collected from their urine.  They are even forced to sleep on their feet.
(Horse - Pregnant Mares Urine (PMU) Farming - 03)  Note the rigging and catheter tubing attached to each mare.  If you have ever needed to be catheterized, you know how unpleasant it is.  There, horses suffer that way for long periods of time.  If hormone replacement therapy is necessary, use synthetics.
(Horse - Pregnant Mares Urine (PMU) Farming - 04)  This very pregnant and catheterized mare will soon give birth to her child.  Not too long after that, her baby will be taken away from her, and she will be raped and artificially inseminated, and be forced to suffer these atrocities all over again until she is no longer productive and sent to slaughter.
(Horse - Pregnant Mares Urine (PMU) Farming - 05)  Row after row of these pregnant horses are forced to stand in these torturously narrow stalls with catheter tubes forced into their bodies.  They are deprived of their God given rights by evil, heartless humans whose only concern is with the amount of money they can make.
Horse - Pregnant Mares Urine (PMU) Farming - 06)  The hind legs of the pregnant mares are "secured" to prevent the catheter from pulling out.  The urine is then siphoned away to be processed for human consumption.
(Horse - Pregnant Mares Urine (PMU) Farming - 07)  These are some of the children of the mares.  The female foals will be forced to suffer the pain and indignities of their mothers, and the males, if unadopted, will be sent to slaughter.  It's time we humans began to think about the feelings of others, whether they are our fellow human beings or other animals.


(Horse - Rodeo - Horse Bucking - 01)  These horses (this photo and the next) are "chute fighting," a term for horses displaying their unhappiness about being abused in a chute. A few minutes earlier, they were calm and quiet in their pens. Once in the chute, the bucking horse may be shocked, have her mane or tail pulled, or her faces slapped, all to irritate and anger her before she is further abused by the bucking strap and spurs.

(Horse - Rodeo - Horse Bucking - 02)  The foundation of the bucking events is the buck strap, also known as a flank strap. Once a horse is moved into a bucking chute, the buck strap is loosely fitted around the flank area like a belt. A contestant gets on the horse and prepares to ride. At the contestant's nod, the chute gate is opened. At the same time a person behind the chute pulls on the buck strap, tightening it around the horse's very sensitive flank area. This is similar to grabbing a very sensitive nerve area of a human being. Just as a person would instinctively fight to escape the tormenting grip, so does the horse fight and buck in a futile attempt to escape the buck strap.

(Horse - Rodeo - Horse Bucking - 03)  Rodeo apologists actually claim their victims enjoy the abuses suffered. This horse is obviously not happy. They are enduring the irritating bucking strap, and the contestants are raking the horses furiously with spurs, as is required by rodeo rules.

(Horse - Rodeo - Horse Bucking - 04)  In this photo, the bucking strap can be clearly seen just forward of the horse's rear legs.

(Horse - Rodeo - Horse Bucking - 05)  While a horse may buck for fun, rodeo horses buck out of control because of torment. They may slam into obstacles such as fences, or trip and fall. This may result in serious injury and death. The bucking strap can also be clearly seen in this photo.

(Horse - Rodeo - Horse Bucking - 06)  This horse has fallen while attempting to free herself from the pain and suffering of this evil "sport".

(Horse - Rodeo - Horse Bucking - 07)  The bucking strap, the irritating device which is the main reason that rodeo horses buck, causes bloody and painful open wounds in the sensitive flank area. SHARK investigators document flank strap wounds at virtually every rodeo we investigate. Incredibly, rodeo apologists try to deny flank strap wounds even exist.

(Horse - Rodeo - Horse Bucking - 08)  Rodeo people say that mean and wild rodeo horses come from the meanest and wildest mares. In this and the next photo, we can see Steve Hindi and Donna Hertel interacting with the "wild mares" used for breeding to produce the "mean and wild" bucking horses. It's difficult to imagine more gentle animals.

(Horse - Rodeo - Horse Bucking - 09)  This is another photo of the gentle horses that are turned into bucking horses by the cruel rodeo industry.

(Horse - Rodeo - Horse Bucking - 10)  This photo of a fallen horse during a horse bucking "contest" was taken by Shark at the Starbucks sponsored Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. Contact Starbucks to complain about their cruel rodeo sponsorship! Email: info@starbucks.com or phone (800) 235-2883 Mon Fri 5 AM 6 PM (PST), Sat Sun 6 AM 3 PM (PST)

(Horse - Rodeo - Horse Bucking - 11)  Another photo of a fallen horse during a horse bucking "contest" was taken by Shark at the Starbucks sponsored Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo. To us it seems quite obvious that the horse is in pain and very frightened. Contact Starbucks to complain about their cruel rodeo sponsorship! Email: info@starbucks.com or phone (800) 235-2883 Mon Fri 5 AM 6 PM (PST), Sat Sun 6 AM 3 PM (PST)

Wild Horses

(Horse - Wild - 01)  As a means of "controlling" the population of wild horses that "compete" with cattle on government lands leased to ranchers, these horses were driven off a cliff to their death.
(Horse - Wild - 02)  To "control" the population of wild horses on public grazing lands, these wild horses were shot and dumped into this slit trench.  This is just another evil of the cattle industry, which only seems to consider killing as a way of making more money.
(Horse - Wild - 03)  Often, wild horses are rounded up and shipped to slaughter for their meat.  In "operations" such as this one, the horses are literally run into the ground until they collapse from exhaustion. The horses are then dragged onto the truck to be shipped to a slaughterhouse.
(Horse - Wild - 04)  This wild horse was lassoed, and the other end of the rope was tied to a truck tire.  In her panic to escape, this horse dragged the tire until she collapsed from exhaustion.  Then she was dragged onto this truck and taken to a slaughterhouse.  This is just another of the evils resulting from the love of money!

(Horse - Wild - 05)  Aerial view of helicopters "rounding up" North America's wild horses who "compete" with cattle ranching on our public lands and who might interfere with proposed oil pipelines. 

(Horse - Wild - 06) Wild horses, who have been living free their entire lives are herded into disgustingly small corrals where every natural instinct is denied and/or rebuked." These animals are rounded up because they "compete" with cattle ranching on our public lands and they might interfere with proposed oil pipelines.

(Horse - Wild - 07) This once wild and free animal suffers from being nearly run to death, harassed by helicopters. These animals are rounded up because they "compete" with cattle ranching on our public lands and they might interfere with proposed oil pipelines. 

(Horse - Wild - 08) How many foals died as they were harassed by helicopters and forced to run too may miles for their age? How many mares aborted their foals after that treatment? These animals are rounded up because they "compete" with cattle ranching on our public lands and they might interfere with proposed oil pipelines. 

(Horse - Wild - 09) Another once-wild animal stands traumatized in a corral where nothing natural is provided for them. These animals are rounded up because they "compete" with cattle ranching on our public lands and they might interfere with proposed oil pipelines. 

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