RabbitRabbit Exploitation
An Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery Presentation from All-Creatures.org

This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Rabbits is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Rabbit Exploitation
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Wishful Thinking


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Baby Rabbits

Rabbit - 04
(Rabbit - 04)  Thousands of rabbits like these babies are bred every year to satisfy the vivisection industry.  Their lives will have none of the joys that God created for them to have.  Humans have condemned them to a life of pain and suffering.

Rabbit Meat

Rabbit - Meat - 01
(Rabbit - Meat - 01)  Cage upon cage, cage after cage filled with rabbits whose only release from this dungeon will come with their death when they are slaughtered for their flesh.  According to the United States Department of Agriculture, in 1998, 325,000 rabbits were slaughtered for their flesh and fur.  This number rose to 385,000 in 2000.  Since in the United States there are slaughtered only about 7% of the rabbits killed each year for food, we estimate that worldwide about 6,000,000 are slaughtered every year.  We don't believe that this total includes small unregulated operations like those shown of an Asian market later in this journal.
Rabbit - Meat - 02
(Rabbit - Meat - 02)  We believe that depriving these rabbits of the beauty and feel of the environment that God gave them is ungodly.  The people who do this are making a mockery of our God entrusted dominion, and have turned it into cruel and inhumane domination.
Rabbit - Meat - 03
(Rabbit - Meat - 03)  It is very uncomfortable, and often quite painful, for these rabbits to be be forced to live on a wire cage floor.  God designed their feet to support their body weight over the whole under- surface of their feet, just as He made our feet.  To get some idea of what these rabbits are forced to suffer, try standing on a couple of small diameter metal pipes in you bare feet and note how quickly your feet begin to hurt.
Rabbit - Meat - 04
(Rabbit - Meat - 04)  Every time a person eats a rabbit's body parts, he or she is saying that it is all right to mistreat these beautiful and loving animals.  Stop eating animals; and stop the pain and suffering.
Rabbit - Meat - 05
(Rabbit - Meat - 05)  This is another crowded cage full of rabbits who are being forced to suffer all their lives just to satisfy a human lust for flesh.  This is ungodly!
Rabbit - Meat - 06
(Rabbit - Meat - 06)  This rabbit is typical of the many thousands that are raised in small cages all their lives, only to be slaughtered for their meat.
Rabbit - Meat - 07
(Rabbit - Meat - 07)  The Bible tells us about people who mistreat animals.  Proverbs 12:10-11 tells us: 10 A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel. 11 He who tills his land will have plenty of bread, But he who pursues worthless things lacks sense. Stop eating animals - Go Vegan!
Rabbit - Meat - 08
(Rabbit - Meat - 08)  These rabbits are awaiting their death at the Zigong Market.  Note the visible injuries in their ears.  Such injuries probably come from rough handling grabbing rabbits by their ears and tossing them.  Also note the way the rabbits have turned away from having to watch the horror that takes place behind them.  They have feelings just as we do, and they don't deserve to be treated in this way.
Rabbit - Meat - 09
(Rabbit - Meat - 09)  This is a rabbit selling and killing stall at the market.  Notice the blood-spattered wall behind these women.  Because rabbits are so docile, they make easy victims.
Rabbit - Meat - 10
(Rabbit - Meat - 10)  This rabbit has been hit on the head with the metal pipe (lower left), and hung up by one of his or her hind legs.
Rabbit - Meat - 11
(Rabbit - Meat - 11)  The life blood is draining from this gentle rabbit as she or he hangs upside down against the killing wall of this market stall.  Why are humans so cruel?  Why can't we respect all other life and eat a vegetarian (vegan) diet?
Rabbit - Meat - 12
(Rabbit - Meat - 12)  The skin of this rabbit is then slit along the belly.  All of this woman's sense of compassion seems to have drained out of her, along with the blood of the rabbits she kills day after day.
Rabbit - Meat - 13
(Rabbit - Meat - 13)  The skin of the innocent rabbit is then slit along the legs and around the feet. Then the skin is pulled off his or her body, as seen here.  The skin is then sold to make "cute bunny fur" clothing and trim for children, whose parents unwittingly condition them to be future fur buyers, instead of teaching them the truth about the horror and suffering that lines each piece of fur.
Rabbit - Meat - 14
(Rabbit - Meat - 14)  This was once a gentle, living, breathing, loving rabbit, whom humans have reduced to a bloody mass of flesh and bones and fur.  Stop eating animals!  Go vegetarian (vegan)!
Rabbit - Meat - 15
(Rabbit - Meat - 15)  After the rabbits have been brutally slaughtered and skinned, they are ready to be processed for their flesh for humans to eat. To stop this kind of brutality to all animals, go vegan!
Rabbit - Meat - 16
(Rabbit - Meat - 16)  At the beginning of the skinning process, after the rabbits have been killed, sometimes by having their throats slit and bleeding to death, or sometimes after they have been bashed in the neck with a pipe.
Rabbit - Meat - 17
(Rabbit - Meat - 17)  Rabbits have to sit and watch as their companions are murdered inches away. Yes, murder is premeditated killing. When many people think of rabbits, they think of Easter bunnies. This is the reality. Stop this carnage by going vegan!
Rabbit - Meat - 18
(Rabbit - Meat - 18)  (Rabbit - Meat - 18)  We can only hope that this skinned rabbit is dead and beyond pain. Whether killed for meat or fur, or both which is more "profitable," this is horrific. Don't eat animals; don't wear animals.

Medical Research

Rabbit - Medical Research - 01
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 01)  To deliberately cause any living being to suffer like this is an abomination before God; but this is only one example of the many horrors that are going on behind the closed doors of medical research and testing laboratories.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 02
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 02)  This is a rabbit during a surgical experiment (Mexico University, 1982). (Copyright Brian Gunn / IAAPEA). Photo drawn from: Entering the Gates of Hell, IAAPEA.   We have witnessed a similar procedure being performed without any anesthesia.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 03
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 03)  This is a rabbit who is recovering after a surgical experiment.  Afterwards, he was used in other experiments. Photo drawn from: Entering the Gates of Hell. (1980's)
Rabbit - Medical Research - 04
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 04)  A teaching experiment on a rabbit. (Copyright Brian Gunn/IAAPEA) Photo drawn from: Entering the Gates of Hell, IAAPEA (1980's)  "Using" a rabbit in this manner is of little or no value to humans and causes an unbelievable amount of pain and suffering to the rabbits involved.  It's time we move out of the dark ages and begin to extend our compassion to every living being.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 05
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 05)  Thousands of these rabbits are killed in the labs and thousands more "surplus" healthy rabbits end up dead in the bin.  In a major university, we have witnessed rabbits being bludgeoned with a metal pipe on the back of the head or neck, and then thrown into the trash.  Many were still alive.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 06
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 06)  This rabbit is being used as a living "factory" to produce polyclonal antibodies.  Although it doesn't look severe, it is extremely painful and rabbits like this one can be used for their entire lives (5-8 years).  We need to think about how sensitive our ears are, and how much pain we would feel if given an injection there.  It's time this cruelty stops.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 07
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 07)  This rabbit's body has been laid on a shelf in a refrigerator after the vivisectionists performed their cruel medical research.  To these human beings, the life of an animal has no value.  In our opinion, a person's loss of sensitivity toward the value of another's life hardens their heart in all their relationships.  This is one of the reasons we have so many problems in the world today.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 08
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 08)  According to Betrayed, rabbits are also used in thermal injury, inhalation and genetic engineering experiments amongst others.  Some typical experiments include:
  • St. George's Hospital Medical School, London, studied the effects of human bone protein on the healing rate of rabbit bone fractures.  Rabbits were forced to endure broken limbs for up to 28 days.
  • Researchers at the University of Nottingham, School of Biological Sciences crushed the spinal cords of rabbits with a pair of forceps to cause partial paralysis. Mechanical and chemical stimuli were then applied to the toes of their hind legs to determine the effects on the spinal reflex.
To us, this is nothing by legalized sadism!
Rabbit - Medical Research - 09
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 09)  This rabbit's life, like all too many other rabbits' lives, is one of isolation and loneliness, which is only interrupted by periods of even more intense agony.  This is an example of how much evil some humans can commit and try to justify to others.  They deprive another living being of their God-given pleasures, and torture them, too!  All the while, a naive public hails such people as "heroes" fighting for the betterment of the world. The public must wake up to the truth and demand that these atrocities stop.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 10
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 10)  These rabbits are in the breeding colony at Bristol University. They were destined to be used in experiments involving bloodsucking Tsetse flies. Rabbits raised for medical research are destined for a life of pain and suffering, and will never know of the beauty and wonder that God created for them.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 11
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 11)  This rabbit, like other rabbits in this research project, is having his or her blood sucked out by Tsetse flies.  To us, this is but another useless research project that wastes millions of dollars annually and causes untold pain and suffering.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 12
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 12)  Thermal injury experiments on rabbits are popular among the vivisection community. This rabbit has been severely burned on the shaved patch of his or her back. If you've ever received even a small burn, you know how much they hurt.  Now put yourself in this rabbit's position and feel the pain he or she is being forced to suffer.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 13
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 13)  This rabbit is one of many that vivisectors in the medical research and testing industries have turned into a bloody mess of pain and suffering.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 14
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 14)  This rabbit is being used to produce polyclonal antibodies.  First they are injected with antigens which cause the rabbits to produce the antibodies that the vivisectors are interested in. These antibodies are then removed from the rabbits blood. In this photo you can clearly see where they are regularly draining the rabbit's blood through the clip in his or her ear.  We have learned about other experiments in which vivisectors drain the blood directly from the rabbit's heart using a needle and syringe with no anesthesia.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 15
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 15)  This rabbit is being used in a scabies experiment.  It is important to realize that rabbits are not used because they provide a good model of human illnesses, but because they are docile and easy to handle.  This is an excellent example of the powerful inflicting their will upon the weak, simply because they have the power to do so; thus, such acts are ungodly.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 16
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 16)  This is another rabbit who is being used for scabies experiments. Notice the barren cage he or she is forced to live in and suffer for days and weeks without any relief.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 17
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 17)  This rabbit has been tied down to this table so that this vivisector can carry out his experiments.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 18
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 18)  This rabbit has had electrodes implanted in his or her brain.  This is just an example of what we believe, from our investigations, to be unnecessary, repetitive, wasteful, and sadistic experimentation.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 19
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 19)  This is a photo of the aftermath of surgical experimentation performed on rabbits.  After they are finished torturing them, these rabbits are discarded as just so much trash.  Sometimes they are still alive.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 20
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 20)  This is a routine and painful method of immobilizing a rabbit for experimentation.  One vivisector holds the rabbit up by his or her ears, which is painful in itself, and then pulls down on the rabbit's hind legs, which increases the pressure and pain on the ears.  The other vivisector is then able to inject or draw fluids from the rabbit's body. This is just another example of how inhumane some humans can be.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 21
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 21)  This is a video still of researchers working on a fully conscious rabbit. Unfortunately, in this image we cannot see the rabbit's hind legs frantically kicking in an effort to be free of the torture. We believe that only a sadist could do this to another living being.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 22
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 22)  This rabbit has been subjected to Ascites Production of Monoclonal Antibodies at Capralogics Inc, Hardwick, MA.  In a complaint letter to the USDA, Michael A. Budkie wrote: "The staff of this laboratory clearly has a total disregard for the pain and suffering which are inflicted on the animals in their care. The rabbits used at this facility clearly need veterinary care and/or anesthesia. Also, this facility (from the Capralogics website) produces antibodies for use by other facilities. It is well known that antibodies can be produced in vitro, without the use of animals. Therefore, the work performed at this facility clearly violates the provisions in the Animal Welfare Act regarding alternatives to the use of animals.
Rabbit - Medical Research - 23
(Rabbit - Medical Research - 23)  This rabbit has been subjected to Ascites Production of Monoclonal Antibodies at Capralogics Inc, Hardwick, MA.  In a complaint letter to the USDA, Michael A. Budkie wrote: "The staff of this laboratory clearly has a total disregard for the pain and suffering which are inflicted on the animals in their care. The rabbits used at this facility clearly need veterinary care and/or anesthesia. Also, this facility (from the Capralogics website) produces antibodies for use by other facilities. It is well known that antibodies can be produced in vitro, without the use of animals. Therefore, the work performed at this facility clearly violates the provisions in the Animal Welfare Act regarding alternatives to the use of animals.


Rabbit - Testing - 01
(Rabbit - Testing - 01)  In the laboratories of the Mennen Company, this rabbit is being subjected to a Draize skin test for a cosmetic product. Courtesy of PETA. (1990's)
Rabbit - Testing - 02
(Rabbit - Testing - 02)  Another Draize Test on rabbits in restraining devices (Liverpool, UK). The substance to be tested is poured into the rabbits' eyes and onto their skin, and left there for days until the organ becomes necrotic. This test was invented in 1944, and continues to be used, unaltered. It is one of the many demonstrations of how these practices are used purely due to inertia, because there is no real desire to evolve and use more moral and scientific methods. Photo drawn from: Annual Pictorial Review of the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Vivisection (1950's - early 1970's).
Rabbit - Testing - 03
(Rabbit - Testing - 03)  To fully understand the absolute horrors of the sensitivity tests carried out on this rabbit, we need to realize how sensitive our eyes are, and how painful it is to get even a tiny grain of sand or a drop of grapefruit juice in them. Well, much more toxic substances than grapefruit juice are put into the eyes of rabbits just like this one.  Imagine how painful this would be to you, and say "NO!" to any product tested on animals.
Rabbit - Testing - 04
(Rabbit - Testing - 04)  Rabbits are often used in experiments where a substance is dripped into their eye. These are the so-called "Draize" eye tests. Rabbits are used because they have poor tear ducts and  can't get the substance out of their eye by blinking as humans can. This, and the following two photos show the progression of this painfully induced inflammation to a rabbit's eye.
Rabbit - Testing - 05
(Rabbit - Testing - 05)  See how the foreign substance (cosmetics, household cleaning products, etc.) has caused the inflammation to increase.  Imagine how painful this would be if it were your eye.  Make sure the products you purchase say, "Not tested on animals.
Rabbit - Testing - 06
(Rabbit - Testing - 06)  As you can see from this sequence, tests like these can last many days and cause severe ulceration and extreme pain.  Anytime you see a product that says "new and improved," avoid it; because the new formula has probably been tested like this. In our opinion, such testing is nothing more than legally sanctioned sadism.
Rabbit - Testing - 07
(Rabbit - Testing - 07)  This PETA picture shows the results of a sadistic Draize Test on the eyes of this rabbit.  In Proverbs 12:10, we are told, "A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal, But even the compassion of the wicked is cruel." When the companies who perform these horrendous tests say, "We're doing it for your benefit," they are proving how wicked they really are; for their so-called compassion comes by inflicting cruelty on others.
Rabbit - Testing - 08
(Rabbit - Testing - 08)  This rabbit has been subjected to a skin test.  According to Betrayed, in 1998 over 6,500 rabbits like this one were subjected to torturous eye and skin tests.  To deliberately inflict pain and suffering on another living creature is evil, and an abomination before God.
Rabbit - Testing - 09
(Rabbit - Testing - 09)  According to Betrayed:  "In 1998 over 9,500 rabbits were used in drug pyrogenicity testing (tests for bacterial toxins in injectable medicines)." Look at the condition of the rabbit's eye.
Rabbit - Testing - 10
(Rabbit - Testing - 10)  This rabbit is being used for a skin test, during which chemicals are applied directly to the shaved part of the rabbit's back sometimes the rabbit is also cut.  Once the substance is applied, the rabbits are wrapped in plaster or held in a restraining device to prevent them from licking the test area. Over the next one or two weeks, they are examined for signs of redness, swelling, inflammation, cracking and ulceration of the skin. No pain relief is normally given. Over 4000 skin irritancy tests are performed on rabbits every year in Great Britain. Only evil human beings could devise such a method to torture other living beings.
Rabbit - Testing - 11
(Rabbit - Testing - 11)  According to the source of this photo, this rabbit was used by Gillette in skin irritation tests.
Rabbit - Testing - 12
(Rabbit - Testing - 12)  These rabbits are being immobilized in stocks, most likely for eye irritant testing for some product.  Such tests are totally unnecessary.
Rabbit - Testing - 13
(Rabbit - Testing - 13)  Stocks like these are usually used for Draize eye tests, during which chemicals and household products are dripped into the rabbits' eyes. The cruelty of the human mind seems to know no end.
Rabbit - Testing - 14
(Rabbit - Testing - 14)  In this photo you get an idea of just how intensive this form of vivisection can be. You can see row after row of rabbits, all in pain and all being subjected to extreme procedures. The vivisectors have no sensitivity toward the pain and suffering of the rabbits. God gave us the compassionate ability to be sensitive to the feelings of others. When a person turns off this compassion, he or she is also turning his or her back to God.
Rabbit - Testing - 15
(Rabbit - Testing - 15)  This is a closer look at the stocks used in performing the extremely cruel "Draize" eye irritations test.
Rabbit - Testing - 16
(Rabbit - Testing - 16)  We believe that this rabbit is beings "used" and abused in the performance of a skin irritation test.
Rabbit - Testing - 17
(Rabbit - Testing - 17)  This rabbit was cruelly subjected to an eye irritation test.
Rabbit - Testing - 18
(Rabbit - Testing - 18)  These thirty rabbits were securely fastened into these stocks so that they couldn't move. An irritating substance was then placed in their eyes, which is very painful, as any of us know who has ever had something splash into our own eyes.
Rabbit - Testing - 19
(Rabbit - Testing - 19)  This rabbit was also subjected to a very painful skin irritation test.
Rabbit - Testing - 20
(Rabbit - Testing - 20)  A rabbit's sensitive ears have been sprayed or doused with or subjected to something that will only cause pain and eventual death to the rabbit...no safety or cures for humans. And worse yet...no safety or cures for rabbits.
Rabbit - Testing - 21
(Rabbit - Testing - 21) Rabbits restrained awaiting torture.


Rabbit - Trapping - 01
(Rabbit - Trapping - 01)  This wild rabbit was caught in a leg-hold trap.  The metal jaws of this cruel device slam shut on the animal leg, causing him or her excruciating pain that lasts for hours and even days.  This is probably the cruelest way to capture and kill an animal.  It is absolutely evil to deliberately cause any living being to suffer in this way.

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