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Raccoon Dog Exploitation
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What can I do?

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How can I help stop the pain and suffering?

Go Vegan!

  • Don't eat animals or their by-products (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, cheese, milk).

  • Don't wear or use animal products (fur, fur trim, leather, skins, wool, silk).

  • Tell others why you have made this compassionate choice. 

Always be peaceful and polite when expressing your feelings.

Speak out against all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty.

Refer others to our website so they can see for themselves. 

Write letters to editors of newspapers, to broadcasters, and to elected officials. - Animals deserve the legal rights not to be used, exploited, and destroyed by humans.

Be a believable witness!

Give only to compassionate and cruelty-free organizations.

  • Charities that do not test on animals or use animals for research.

  • Environmental organizations that don't believe in hunting. 

  • Before you give, check carefully to see where their money goes.

  • Don't be a "meanie greenie."

Buy only cruelty-free makeup, toiletries, and household products.

  • Products that contain no animal by-products or ingredients.

  • Products that are not tested on animals.

  • Educate yourself.

Always adopt companion animals.  Do not buy them from pet shops or breeders. 

Always spay and neuter companion animals.  Prevent over-population.

Support only cruelty-free entertainment with no animal acts, rodeos, or racing. 

Speak out against blood sports (hunting, fishing, trapping, bull fighting and other animal fighting).

Always set the example for compassionate and peaceful living.  Educate yourself.  Keep improving.  Ask others to join you in your efforts.

For more information on what you can do to help animals, please see:

Animal Rights Activism

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Raccon Dog





See video - Raccoon Dogs Skinned Alive for Fur

(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 01)  This, and the following stills were taken from Chinese video that exposes the unbelievable cruelty inflicted upon raccoon dogs.  In the foreground is a severely injured, but still living raccoon dog.  In the background a man is in the process of violently slamming another raccoon dog to the ground.  Their chilling screams can be heard like a shrill horn that penetrates to the depths of any compassionate person's soul. 


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 02)  In this still we see the raccoon dog just about to hit the ground on his or her back and head.  We usually refer to acts of deliberate cruelty as being evil.  After watching this video, and seeing the way this and other men seem to enjoy inflicting pain and leaving the animals to suffer excruciating pain, we can only conclude that these men are totally evil and sociopaths.  Anyone who buys fur is contributing to this suffering by keeping these despicable people in business.  And anyone who wears fur is saying, "I agree.  Keep on torturing these innocent animals. My selfish pride and vanity is more important."


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 03)  A puff of dust can be seen rising as the raccoon dog is smashed into the ground with a horrible thud. 




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 04)  The still struggling raccoon dog is once again picked up by his or her hind leg.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 05)  Once again this man grabs the struggling and screaming raccoon dog by both hind leg in preparation for slamming him or her to the ground.  All of this is being done in plain view of the other terrified raccoon dogs.  Such acts of cruelty are an abomination before God.


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 06)  The raccoon dog is being slammed down on to the ground a second time with great force.  We find it curious and hard to understand why most clergy and churches don't allow smoking in the churches, but say nothing about the wearing of furs, and terrible pain and suffering that goes into those garments.


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 07)  No attempt is made to kill the raccoon dogs, they are only being severely injured, but are left fully conscious.  This second raccoon dog will be picked up and thrown along side the other one who is lying on the ground.



(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 08)  The second this raccoon dog hits the ground, he or she begins struggling to get away, causing some dust to rise behind the hind legs. 




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 09)  Notice the way the right rear and front legs of the raccoon dog on the right are now extended, as he or she struggles to move forward.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 10)  This raccoon dog still writhes in pain and struggles to get up.  We tried to capture some of the movement in these stills so that our readers could get a better sense of the horror of this situation.  In heaven there is no more pain of death, and in part of the Lord's Prayer we are taught to pray, "Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."  Everyone who buys and wears fur is saying, "I don't want God's kingdom to come.  I don't want God's will to be done on earth.  I want pain and death to continue so I can have my tortured animal skins."


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 11)  The body of this raccoon dog continues to move as he or she raises a right rear leg.  While this is going on the man in the background is reaching into the cage to snare another raccoon dog.



(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 12)  The raccoon dog on the ground continues to struggle as the man lifts a third struggling raccoon dog out of the cage.  This third raccoon dog has seen all too clearly what has happened to his or her companions, and is holding on to the cage to try to prevent the impending torture.


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 13)  As the man pulls the third raccoon dog up, he lifts the whole cage with him or her.  This white circle is to hide the identity of the man standing behind the cage.  We also find it very disheartening to see so many people looking on with approval.  No wonder many compassionate people write to us about their sadness over what the sadism of their fellow human, and say that their ashamed to be called a member of the human race.


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 14)  This man then violently hits the still struggling raccoon dogs with a stick, but not in a way that would seem to kill them.  They appear to get angry with the still struggling raccoon dogs, but at the same time they apparently want them to remain alive so they can continue torturing them and watching them suffer.  This is real sadism!


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 15)  This man continues to beat the raccoon dogs with a stick.  We find it hard to understand this kind of cruelty.  Apparently, slamming the raccoon dogs to the ground only dislocated or breaks the shoulders so that the dogs can't stand on their forelegs, and that it's not intended to kill them.


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 16)  This sadistic man continues striking the raccoon dogs with the stick, but his torturing only gets worse.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 17)  This man then drags the still living and fully conscious raccoon dogs over to a block of wood, where he chops off their feet with a hatchet.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 18)  This raccoon dog is in agony and gasping for breath.  His or her feet have now been chopped off.  This is an integral part of the "beauty" of fur, and anyone who wears fur also wears this pain and suffering, and tells the world, "I approve!  Do it again!"


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 19)  By comparing the mouth position of this raccoon dog in this video still and the previous one, we can see that he or she is still very much alive.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 20)  As we prepared this photo journal our hears and souls were tormented by these scenes and sounds, but nothing that we felt could compare with the agony that these helpless animals are going through.  Look into the eyes of this raccoon dog with severed legs and feel his or her agony.  What keeps us going is that thought that if we don't expose these atrocities, who will? 


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 21)  We captured a blink of the eyes in this video still of this suffering raccoon dog.  There is no question that he or she is in fully conscious and in agony.



(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 22)  The agonizing torture of this innocent raccoon dog is far from over.  The man then drags him or her a short distance and begins to cut the skin and fur off what remains of a hind leg.



(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 23)  The increased pain causes the raccoon dog to struggle violently, so the man places one of his feet on the raccoon dog's neck, but makes no attempt to kill him or her.  He seems to enjoy watching the suffering.  And this is what we think about every time we see a person wearing fur; their fur and their indifference disgusts us.


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 24)  The raccoon dog continues to struggle to get free from his or her torment.  But the people who supply, buy, and wear fur love it so...




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 25)  The still living, struggling, and fully conscious raccoon dog is them lifted up and hung upside down by a hind leg.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 26)  By comparing this video still with the previous one some of the violent tortured struggling of this raccoon dog can be clearing seen.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 27)  There is no compassion here,  There is only sadistic lust to inflict pain and suffering and have the money they can get from the fur.  This is truly and demonic business.



(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 28)  Keep in mind that these people are skinning this innocent raccoon dog alive to satisfy the vanity of other humans, all of whom contribute to these atrocities.  No one has any justification for wearing fur!



(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 29)  One of the most disturbing things about this video, as if anything could be worse than this systematic torture, is that the man who is skinning this raccoon dog alive and the crowd of people who  watching begin to laugh at the tortured struggling of this innocent being.  This is so ungodly we can't think of what to call it.


(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 30)  This man then begins to pull the skin of this still fully conscious raccoon dog off of his or her body.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 31)  This innocent raccoon dog continues to be skinned alive, while the crowd continues to laugh at his or her suffering.  This is truly evil!




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 32)  This still fully conscious raccoon dog has had his or her skin pulled off every part of his or her body except for the head.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 33)  The skin of this raccoon dog is being pulled and cut off the head.  We don't understand why humans think that it's beautiful to wear fur.  All it does for us is show us how truly hard of heart and soul the person really is.



(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 34)  The skinned-alive raccoon dog is still not killed, but tossed upon a pile of other skinned companions, where he or she continues to writhe in agony to the enjoyment of the crowd. 



(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 35)  The raccoon dog is still blinking and swallowing.  The depravity of the human race seems to know no end.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 36)  In these video stills it's had to see the eye and throat movement, but this poor tormented soul is still very much alive and conscious.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 37)  As unbelievable as it may seem, this poor tortured and skinned alive raccoon dog still has enough strength to lift his or her head and look up.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 38)  This skinned raccoon dog continues to lift his or her head and look at the people gathered around with a questioning look that seems ask, "How could you people do this to another living being."  And all the crowd does is laugh.



(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 39)  Look into the tortured eyes of this skinned raccoon dog and try to justify wearing his or her skin.  The Bible tells us that the sign of the anti-Christ is 666, but to us it's FUR.



(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 40)  Unable to hold his or her head up any longer, this skinned raccoon dog falls over, but continues to struggle in agony.




(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 41)  Then in one last ditch effort this skinned raccoon dog raises up his or her head and neck as a final testimony before God of the depravity of the human race.  Every person who buys or wears is contributing directly to this pain and suffering.



(Raccoon Dog - Fur - 42)  Then the skinned raccoon dog falls back down with legs and head twitching.  Our hope and prayer is that this taste of the real fur trade will so turn our readers against fur that they will never wear it again and will demand and end to fur.  There is nothing beautiful about fur on humans, it only shows their ugliness and indifference to the pain and suffering of others.


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