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The following 3 photos were taken by Jim Robertson of Animals in the Wild...



...They show the way God created the whales to live free in the oceans of the world, and free from the exploitation of humans.

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Go Vegan!

  • Don't eat animals or their by-products (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy, cheese, milk).

  • Don't wear or use animal products (fur, fur trim, leather, skins, wool, silk).

  • Tell others why you have made this compassionate choice. 

Always be peaceful and polite when expressing your feelings.

Speak out against all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty.

Refer others to our website so they can see for themselves. 

Write letters to editors of newspapers, to broadcasters, and to elected officials. - Animals deserve the legal rights not to be used, exploited, and destroyed by humans.

Be a believable witness!

Give only to compassionate and cruelty-free organizations.

  • Charities that do not test on animals or use animals for research.

  • Environmental organizations that don't believe in hunting. 

  • Before you give, check carefully to see where their money goes.

  • Don't be a "meanie greenie."

Buy only cruelty-free makeup, toiletries, and household products.

  • Products that contain no animal by-products or ingredients.

  • Products that are not tested on animals.

  • Educate yourself.

Always adopt companion animals.  Do not buy them from pet shops or breeders. 

Always spay and neuter companion animals.  Prevent over-population.

Support only cruelty-free entertainment with no animal acts, rodeos, or racing. 

Speak out against blood sports (hunting, fishing, trapping, bull fighting and other animal fighting).

Always set the example for compassionate and peaceful living.  Educate yourself.  Keep improving.  Ask others to join you in your efforts.

For more information on what you can do to help animals, please see:

Animal Rights Activism

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(Whales - Slaughter - 01 The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society took this and the following photos in the Faeroe Islands. This small Danish dependency between Scotland and Iceland is host to one of the most barbaric spectacles on the planet as each year thousands of gentle pilot whales are herded into bays and viciously slashed to pieces by drunken sadistic islanders who kill the whales for sport.

(Whales - Slaughter - 02)  Sea Shepherd reports: Faeroese children suffer from the highest levels of mercury contamination in the world. The mercury literally eats away brain tissue and may help explain how these people can engage in such barbarity. This level of ruthlessness is extreme even compared to the behavior of Newfoundland sealers and Japanese dolphin killers.

(Whales - Slaughter - 03)  The Faeroese proudly boast of how much they enjoy the pleasure of making the whales bleed, poking out their eyeballs, and ripping the fetuses from the pregnant females.  Whether or not the mercury contributes to this barbarism, we can't say, but it does show that these people have a depraved indifference to the suffering of others.

(Whales - Slaughter - 04)  Some people try to say that there is no evil in the world and that everyone is basically good.  The pleasure that these Faeroese people derive from torturing and killing these gentle pilot whales is proof that there is evil in the world and that they turned from God to do evil.

(Whales - Slaughter - 05)  The killing frenzie continues in the Faeroe Islands, and the people chase down and brutally slaughter the pilot whales.






(Whales - Slaughter - 06)  Evil attracts evil!  Everyone turns out to either kill or watch the killing of the pilot whales.


(Whales - Slaughter - 07)  A killer and the innocent prey!



(Whales - Slaughter - 08)  In this photo we can see that these people enjoy killing in the most brutal ways.  No wonder so many people write to us and say that they are ashamed to be a member of the human race.

(Whales - Slaughter - 09)  And other ask, "How could God allow this to happen?"  The simple answer is that God gave the care of this world to us, and most people have made things worse.  Jesus called up us to be blessed as peacemaking children of God (Matthew 5:9), which these people obviously want no part of.  Paul writes in Romans 8:18-23 that the children of God are to free the whole of creation from it's present corruption, which is further proof that these people cannot be those children.  Why hasn't the church taken a stand against this wanton killing, or are they part of the corruption, too?

(Whales - Slaughter - 9a) Undercover Sea Shepherd operative took several images of the July 2010 Faroe Island Pilot Whale slaughter. This image shows only one of many Baby Pilot whales who were cut out of their mothers' bodies and left to rot.

(Whales - Slaughter - 10)  Whale carcass is stripped of meat in Iceland. October 2006.



(Whales - Slaughter - 11)  Children watch a whale being butchered in Iceland. October 2006.



(Whales - Slaughter - 12)  This picture shows what the Australian government says is the slain carcass of a minke whale tied to the Japanese harpoon ship Yushin Maru 2 in the Antarctic waters.





(Whales - Slaughter - 13)  A minke whale and her calf are towed up the rear ramp of the Japanese whaling vessel Yushin Maru No.2 in the Southern Ocean.


(Whales - Slaughter - 14)  Two whales are dragged on board a Japanese ship after being harpooned in Antarctic waters. The pictures, plastered over front pages and shown on television were taken from an Australian customs vessel tracking the whalers to gather evidence for possible legal action to stop the annual slaughter.

(Whales - Slaughter - 15)  An Australian Customs Service boat from the patrol vessel Oceanic Viking, right, tracking the Japanese whaling in Antarctic waters. The Australian government stepped up it's public relations campaign against Japanese whaling in Antarctic waters by releasing images of whale killings to Australian media organizations.

(Whales - Slaughter - 16)  The whale is being dragged on board a Japanese ship after being harpooned in Antarctic waters.

(Whales - Slaughter - 17)  Recently slaughtered Pilot Whales are prepared to be chopped and diced for food and "byproducts" after massive roundups in the once-scenic Faroe Islands of Denmark.

(Whales - Slaughter - 18)  Pilot Whales lay dead or dying in blood after massive roundups in the once-scenic Faroe Islands of Denmark.

(Whales - Slaughter - 19)  Pilot Whales fight for their lives against their killers.


(Whales - Slaughter - 20 A once beautiful bay is now blood red. How many of these spectators protest these atrocities?


(Whales - Slaughter - 21This scenic bay is now red with the blood of slaughtered pilot whales.


(Whales - Slaughter - 22)  What else could these people have used their energies for today besides killing friendly animals? 

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The calf photo in the masthead these pages is from Farm Sanctuary with our thanks.

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