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Article from Winter 2003 Issue

Animal Activists: God's Mouth For This Hour!

It takes real character to stand out for the crowd - particularly when one is basically shy and reserved. Nevertheless, God can equip us. He never lays upon us a work to do without giving one the strength to go through with it; and dreadful deeds need to be confronted and conquered by heroic acts of altruism. How lovely to learn quite recently that a friend of mine called Catriona went round one of Sainsbury's premises sticking pamphlets under car screen wipers as well as distributing some within. How lovely to learn that others are still defiantly feeding pigeons in Trafalger Square, and to the pleasure of the tourists! How wonderful to know that normally timid and gentle souls - including a whole host of retired and refined ladies - are becoming so actively militant for our Cause. Can't the leaders of our government see that these are the cream of society; that those who fight so militantly for the vulnerable, the innocent and defenceless, are the greatest citizens a country can have?

Sadly, it appears as if the top leaders within our government are more concerned with protecting the rights of the most cruel and grabbing. Yet they fail to see that this pandering towards the financially rich yet morally distorted, will be the Nation's undoing? How short sighted one can become!

As the years pass - and each passes quicker! -eternity confronts us; and we must all appear before the Good Shepherd whose birth amongst the animals we intend once more to celebrate. An evangelical brother many years ago paraded round the streets with these words on his placard: WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY?' Well, I know this, death has no fear for myself. I gladly leave my future in my Maker's gracious hands. It's the last thing I need ever to worry about for I have seen My Lord through the eyes of many animals Iíve blest. Neverthless - take it from the words of the Good Shepherd Himself- there is a terrible Hell that awaits those whose sojourn on this earth has been at the expense of wantonly destroying, or even harming, weaker forms of life than their own. The awful tragedy is that today's Christian churches have played down all mention of a coming judgment hereafter in order to court popularity with a selfish, self seeking, and yet influential clientele. The leaders will surely have more than enough for which to answer!

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