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Article from Winter 2003 Issue

New Labour: Lucifer's Mouth For This Hour?

The Devil has a name. In Scripture he is referred to as the prince of darkness, as well as Lucifer. Well, I very much sense that Blair and Bush are well deserving of such a name, but they are not alone. It would appear as if the present Cabinet has more influence and support of evil than of good. New Labour’s repeated refusals to bring Blood 'Sports' in to the Queen's speech reveals how false they were to their pre-election promises. The fact that animal experimentation has soared almost each year since they were elected to power, reveals what hypocrites they must be. Can you possibly give me an alternative opinion? I'd be the first to apologise. Yet the clear facts remain: animal experimentation is at a higher level this year in Britain than since they came into office..

I've already mentioned how Blair panders to a ‘so-called’ science minister who was not elected but chosen by himself. We all know that this fellow Sainsbury is a leading proponent for yet further animal torture at Cambridge and Huntingdon. Such news is Old Hat! I'll not linger on it. (Indeed we’ve also seen the crookedness behind Sainsbury's vested interests in furthering Frankenstein crops!) But today I learn - via the Queen's Speech and an article in the Daily Mail - that this present regime is out to destroy what stability and sanctity remains in marriage. Thanks again to my delightful friend Ann Wills, I quote the following::

Daily Mail, 26.11.03, page 6 "LABOUR KILLS OFF MARRIAGE" (Half-page article)

The word "marriage" is to be purged - in the cause of equality for homosexuals. References to marriage wilt be removed from Govt records & documents. The word marriage will be swept aside from almost every role of the state -including benefits, tax & immigration law. The ban will be brought in with the Queen's Speech today. It could even be wiped from future state rcords, statistics & censuses. Instead of asking for "marital status" officials forms will refer to "civil status".

The Dept of Trade & Industry, which has devised the laws, said marriage, would be dropped at every opportunity from state documents.

And now.’ Just To Top It All!’ I've just overheard on the radio that New Labour is rapidly clamping down on Trial By Jury'. Yes, that which has existed since Magna Carta, New Labour appears determined to eventually abolish. Indeed, the marks of Big Brother are all around us and the majority appear as sheep on the way to the slaughter. Diverted - through an overabundance of Soccer and Sex on TV - the masses are lulled as Britain becomes ripe for rule by Dictatorship

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