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Article from Winter 2003 Issue

How much more void of heart and soul can this present regime become?

Once again, the hunting bill has been left out of the queen's speech, while equal rights for same sex couples is in. How much more corrupt and dangerous can Tony Blair and his cronies become? Are they not destroying all that is best and vital within the heart of the populace? I personally believe they are! What Kaiser Bill and Adolph Hitler failed to achieve Tony Blair is succeeding in doing: he is stamping under foot all that is best in our Nation.

Those who seek to protect vulnerable and defenceless life are being figuratively walked over; the unanimous opposition to war without the blessing of the EU was crushed under his foot; and now the very rock foundation of family life with the average child having a mother and father is now being discarded. I can only add one thing: we would no doubt have had better treatment under the revolutionary Brokespeare! As for Marie Antoinette of the opposition, she at least said: give the masses cake. As for Tony Blair he appears to give our Nation stones instead of bread.

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