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"Christ’s redemption is for the whole of creation!"

Article from Winter 2003 Issue

May our resounding clarion cry be as relevant for today as was William Booth's in 1910

‘While Hens are crammed for life in to a space less than two sheets the size of this Newsletter I'll fight. While defenceless and loyal animals are experimented on in vile laboratories under the guise of research for humanity, I'll fight. While Birds are stolen from the wild, to be caged in tiny cages. I'll fight. While gracious deer, hares - yes. and fox too! - are chased to the death for cruel sport, I'll fight. While gentle cattle are crammed in to lorries and on to ships for export. I'll fight. Yes. and while ever one cow remains to be made repeatedly pregnant every nine months - its babes snatched from its side so that we 'professed humans' can steal the milk from its body - I'll fight. I'll fight to the very end’.

One man protest outside Somerfields

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