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Article from Winter 2003 Issue

New Labour & The Erosion Of Christianity

With the courtesy of Mail on Sunday, 30.11.03:

"WARNING; CHRISTIAN CARDS LIKE THIS COULD LAND YOU IN COURT". Christmas cards featuring Christian Nativity scenes could be banned from offices - in case they cause offence to non-Christian workers. New employment equality laws come into force on 2nd December. Workers, who object to the decorations on the grounds that they are contrary to their religion & could create an "offensive" environment, could take legal action. This is under the Employment Equality (Religion & Belief) regulations that will bring the UK into line with EU law.

Sent in by kind courtesy of: Ann Wills

Yes, but what are We doing for Christ this Christmastide?

Well, it is quite probable that the most religious of folk will sing His praise in Church, sing carols to Him throughout Advent -Advent hymns are hardly knowable these days! - and on Christmas day itself: grace will be offered over an intensively reared fowl: a foul act to say the least! And then, when St Stephen's Day arrives (commonly known as Boxing Day) the 'Tally Ho' dupes will be showing their festive spirit by seeing gentle Deer, reminiscent of Bambi, chased and petrified by a pack of hounds. Yes, this is the way that a depraved and fallen civilisation acknowledges the birth of the Son of Righteousness. And, indeed, already people are into this so-called festive spirit by gorging themselves with the end product of intensive cruelty. Only yesterday, I visited a new, pub where Christmas meals were advertised - and always at about four times the price at any other season. No sooner had 1 viewed the starters on the menu than did I see "liver pate' advertised. And we all know what that infers!

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