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Spring 2004 Issue

An Evening Vigil outside L. E. Jones's Premises at Ruthin, last December

This vile, obscene, live export trade must surely be stopped!

I learn with absolute horror, from another stalwart: Catriona Short, that this trade has now commenced down in Dartford! Thankfully, it would appear as if the police were more sympathetic to us than to the opposition. They must, indeed, realise that pensioners are far more gracious than live exporters of defenceless animals! We are simply following the example of Jesus the good shepherd, who is frequently portrayed rescuing a lamb and holding it close to his heart. It is, surely past time that Tony and his cronies understood this fact. But he obviously prefers to walk rough shod over folk who are the salt of this earth, rather than offend mercenary minded rogues who have swimming bricks for hearts. I tell you: the sooner his Cabinet of New Labour is out the better.

Mind you, I'd have no faith in the Tories who - ever since they stabbed Maggie in the back, have been stabbing each other. We undoubtedly have some sympathetic voices in Labour and the Liberal Democrats; but. would to God, that every animal activist went out and voted for the Green Party! This would bring about a moral revolution, for without it I sense the legalised drug and chemical Mafia will poison us all via chemical pollution on the crops, within the water supply - through the poor, drugged up animals - the sea and air; and, not least the prescription medications we're largely conned to receive; and one of their top men has now conceded that at least forty percent of the latter is useless, apart from having a placebo effect! I agree, but what about the appalling side effects that equally need consideration. The fourth top cause of death in the UK is adverse reaction to medically prescribed - animal tested! - medication. Yes, and what about hospital mistakes; and then bugs on top? Little wonder that the masses seek Alternatives; and that the NHS seeks to curtail them!

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