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Spring 2004 Issue

How can a Christian support such evil?

í The way we mistreat, abuse and horrendously distort animals and birds in to food machines is surely both unforgivable and sacrilegious. It is as far removed from Noah - who as a righteous man was directed by God to make an ark of refuge for birds and beasts - as the moon is from cheese. Indeed, as Scripture exhorts us: "a righteous person will care/or the needs of animals committed to him". Yes, a far removed outlook from this 21st century 's exploitation of Ducks for food where one human employee can be left with as many as 85,000 birds to supervise!

Is it any wonder, therefore, that most of these creatures end up terribly deformed, unable to walk and so frightfully deprived of using the faculties their Creator gave them that I hey frequently die in utter rejection? Indeed, so intensively and inhumanely are these pathetic ducks bred, to satisfy a flesh eater's palate, that their life span averages that of seven weeks. Whereas, out of doors they would live on average, ten years!

Just how low can human nature stoop to permit this kind of evil, in which a duck that takes to water is denied it all! How appallingly grotesque, sinister and evil that so called humanity permits this evil to not only perpetuate but also extend! Indeed, these crammed birds are never permitted to see the light of day. They are crammed together so close that they cannot even use water in which to wash themselves. The only bit of water they can usually acquire is via drinking outlets originally designed for chickens.

I ask: where is the RSPCA? Or more relevant: where is the mouth of Christendom? Have the churches, which claim to be the moral mouthpiece of the Nation, become mute? Are they so concerned about the assumed evils of contraception, four letter words, the evils of drink -yes, and the 'so-called major sins of blasphemy! -that they have ignored the peak of evil when if stares them in the face? Has Christianity in a once proud nation, now riddled through with factory farms, completely capitulated to evil? Well, it would appear to be so. All that is necessary for evil to conquer is that, supposedly, respectable folk remain mute and do not involve themselves. Are there no prophets left in the Church? Where are the Reformers in Christ's church today?

I sense that history far too often repeats itself. For I'm wry much reminded of Jesus attitude towards the religious leaders of His day. And -what did He say to them? "Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You go about picking out (moral) gnats while you swallow (moral) camels whole! Enough said!

Well whether you are a Christian in faith or not, I simply ask that you consider the plight of these defenceless ducks, and other birds, which are in such a terrible plight. Indeed, actions speak louder than words. The Good Book say's: '"By their fruits you shalf know them!" Consequently, 1 pray that you - the reader of this article - will follow the example of the true saints of every age and creed whose, mission in life has been to care for and protect weaker forms of life than their own.

We have folk who have transformed the society in which they lived. One may go back as far as St Francis Of Assist or come forward to as recent a non-professed Christian as Mahatma Gandhi or, indeed, a practising Mother Of Theresa! Yes, they were folk like you and. myself whose better nature told them to act and not merely pray; to go out and do great deeds, rather than just stay at home reading about them.

My friend, you can hardly look to politicians for an example. The present regime promised to bring about reforms for animal welfare, yet hasn't even as yet banned blood 'sports'!. And as for our churches and chapels, the best within them are literally 'so heavenly minded as to be little earthly use'. The true "salt of the earth " - to use Christ's words - are the Animal Activists, the. Green peace, the Friends Of The Earth. And whereas many of them are - thank God! ~ professing as well as practising Christians, others are not. And can you really blame the latter?

More wars have been caused by religion than anything else; and much of what is termed Christianity is no more than a salve for a horrendously guilty conscience. Indeed, the way we have consumed factory farmed produce -the fruit of legalised animal Belsens - is enough to give even a serial killer a bad conscience! Consequently, the offer: the Catholic priest, or the Protestant evangelist offers, is a welcome message to the vilest guilt ridden soul.

But - let me make it abundantly clear - if it does not lead to a moral transformation that changes the way humans treat weaker forms of life than their own - and it includes the animals which are more numerous than ourselves - then it is utterly meaningless. Anne Sewell. authoress of Black Beauty had it well summed up: "You can talk all day about your religion, but if it does not influence the way you treat your animals then it is nothing but a sham".

These animal Belsens are an utter disgrace to our countryside. They are sinister blots on our landscapes, just as Belsen, Trablinka, Austwitch and Ravensbruck were in Germany; and only too sadly they are often in as close a proximity to idyllic villages and village churches as were their Nazi counterparts. Yet they also continue because so called respectable humans either put their heads in the sand like an ostrich or remark: "It's really none of our business. 'Don't put your nose where it's not wanted'!"

Well, it is surely our God given responsibility to protect weaker forms of life than our own! The good shepherd -to use biblical phraseology - was prepared to lay down his life for the sheep! Consequently, I would be failing in my calling if I did not denounce this Treblinka kind of a life times existence we put these ducks through - and all in order to satisfy an acquired taste for possibly no more than one solitary meal.

'God is not mocked. What we sow we must inevitably reap'. It is, therefore, little wonder that horrible cancers and hosts of other diseases are on the increase. Just think of the cocktail of antibiotics, injections and growth hormones that have been used on such birds. Yes. and we eat the end product of such horrendous deprivation; and, paradoxically, expect it to bring us health! How deceived and brain washed the masses have become!

Finally, 1 tell you: I'd dread to be in the hereafter of those who, in this life, have mercilessly crammed birds together; denying them their God given basic instincts. Yes, and all for the sake of fattening one's purse during a fleeting life in which there can bo no security except from God who will judge us all according to what we have done. Yes, and left undone!í

- Rev. James.

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