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Spring 2004 Issue

Not A Single Bishop Prepared To Be A Vegetarian For Lent!

Yes, you've read it correctly. Indeed, a leper cannot change its spots; and what one has conditioned ones self to be over the years, with a mitre in view, will hardly leave you when you get to the top wrung of the ladder. Yes, and find in old age or failing health, that it's leaning on the wrong wall! As one leading cleric once said to me: "What good is such a title when I've been given merely weeks to live?"

Those who manifest a disgusting degree of diplomacy are not following in the steps of the Prophets, 'the Christ', or His Apostles, but "have already had their reward!. Be ye notlike unto themí

Don Gwillim - Founder of VEG.4 LENT - contacted every bishop of the Church In Wales (Anglican); every bishop of Ireland (both Catholic and Anglican); every bishop of the Scottish Episcopal Church (Anglican); i.e: 60 prelates in all. He asked them if they would prayerfully consider commending others to give up meat for Lent.2004. Indeed, he included helpful literature and touched on the example of many in the early church; what is more, how it would help starving humanity in the third world.

Believe it or not, Don received a reply from 4 of them (2 Catholic and 2 Anglican) - most of whom, if not all, have a private secretary at hand. I don't wish to be too harsh with these prelates, - and I'm not the best at replying to a backlog of correspondence myself! - but I ask: 'what kind of an example are they? What moral stand do they take?' Several Church Of England bishops who quite frowned upon me in the early eighties, when I was divorced against my will, have proven to be homosexual! Cohabitation, which they once denounced as diabolic they now accept as normal. Contraception, once a grievous mortal sin to one type is condoned. I tell you: they adapt to conform to this age rather than adamantly stand out against the rot that is engulfing us. But at least of one thing we can be grateful: once the masses become vegetarian then they will do likewise. Indeed, of the 4 who replied - and their replies were quite long and courteous - not one of them was prepared to sample vegetarianism. Nor would they commend it as a form of self-denial for this Lent season which has just finished.

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