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From Summer 2004 Issue

The Kind Of Dilemma Unique To Us

Yes, we've just returned from our holiday. Doreen is concerned about how the garden now looks. Indeed, a pretty looking garden is something we'd all like. As for myself, I'm disturbed over something that slightly more troubles me. I happen to be categorised as having glaucoma and new drops have been prescribed. Having sampled these and experienced a horrendous side effect that cannot be confirmed, what am I to do? A local GP quite matter of fact states: "if you don't take these drops which may well have nasty side effects you'll go blind. The warnings upon the pamphlet are merely there so that however disastrous the effects you could experience you cannot sue the manufacturers'"!. Well, I don't doubt that appalling side effects often follow from products that have involved cruel animal experimentation. The Draize test is a typical one in which helpless bunnies have all types of chemicals forcefully dropped in to their eyes; and often for mere cosmetic testing. Proctor & Gamble no doubt being the vilest culprits in this appallingly cruel procedure! I sense, however, that the vast majority of folk we rub shoulders with couldn't care a toss, They may well reason - provided they think at all! ~ 'animals are put on this earth for us to eat, so why not experiment on them as well? Provided we might benefit what's the problem?' Yes, this is, undoubtedly, the mentality of the masses.

Well, I seem to have digressed here! What I want to know is; 'do I hand the future of my sight in to the hands of those wed to the drug and chemical Mafia? Or do I look for alternative therapies for glaucoma? Indeed, I learn that Cannabis (Marjuana) lessens pressure in the eye ~ and I know that for arthritics it's almost a miracle drug! - I also know that the herb Coleus certainly lowers intro-ocular pressure - as witnessed by at least one ophthalmic surgeon. Indeed, better news still, so does inexpensive Ginkgo Biloba! But more enlightening still: one leams that Laser Trabeculoplasty treatment is now the first line of treatment offered to glaucoma patients at both St Thomas's hospital London as well as at Clayton Hospital in Wakefield. However, as for elsewhere in the UK, the power of the drug industries appear to pull the most weight; and are making millions at our expense through collusion with this present government's highly questionable and unethical priorities

Indeed, the 'assumed' caring amongst the general public may well reason: 'should the torture of countless animals result in one breakthrough for some horrendous human disease, so let it be!' In other words: the end product for humanity is all that counts. But, sadly, they are too short sighted to see that the desensitising of all our highest qualities towards the torment of weaker forms of life than our own has a knock on effect. Who would want to live in a society in which the most scientifically advanced and the most morally and spiritually stinted bore rule? Yet, under this present government's regime, we are unbelievably going that way; and unless stopped in its tracks, this society will evolve into a living nightmare. I'm no prophet of doom, but I sense that Armageddon may be nearer than we realise.

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