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From Summer 2004 Issue

To Keep Our Sanity We Must Choose A Worthy Radio Station!

Each of us has a choice to either tune in to Radio P or else - God forbid! - Radio N. I need hardly remind you that P means, positive and that N means negative! But always be aware that at the least expected time, while tuned in to Radio Positive that you do not allow Radio Negative to butt in and distort your frequency;

Interpret life positively. See the glass as half full rather than half empty. Observe the doughnut rather than the hole! Remember that interpretations are usually greater than facts. Visualise the enemy as shrinking fast. See each apparent rejection as a step nearer an acceptance. Interpret each previously viewed problem as a challenge. Yes - and more difficult! - see the best in the worst folk or situations. For what you look for you'll find; and what you focus on usually gets clearer and larger. Do not look so much on the visible army of opponents but rather upon the far larger invisible army of the saints: (read 2 Kings 6: 15-17)

This way, you can take a heroic stand even by yourself. But be vigilant against Radio N trying to distort the programme by butting in. Tune him out straightaway and your mental joy and equilibrium will be restored. Do not give thought to past 'assumed' failings. You didn't have the foresight before that you did afterwards; so stop screwing yourself up! This day is the first in the rest of your life, so tear off yesterday's date from the calendar block, screw it up and start today with a smile upon your lips and gratitude within your heart. Do not over tax yourself- remember the egg timer that lets only one grain or two go through its neck at a time. Remember Aesop's fable of the tortoise and the hare! And last but not least – considering what follows! – be like St Paul and: “Learn to suffer fools gladly"

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