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From Summer 2004 Issue

With The Remarkable Lady Of Goult

Norma Benney is the village artist of a delightful French village in Provence. Indeed, it is an idyllic tourist attraction around 20 miles out of Avignon. But this delightful septuagenarian is not only renowned for her oil paintings; she is equally prominent in her community for her animal activism. Indeed, whereas her home on the inside is furnished with exquisite oil paintings, her outside is recognised by posters dealing with, commonly termed, animal rights literature.

It takes real guts to make a solitary stand for our cause within a large village prominent for it's butchers and French cuisine restaurants, yet Norma Benney is a forceful lady - a power for the locals to contend with - yet, beneath that militant, front there beats a heart of extreme sensitivity and compassion towards all life that suffers. We can all be brave when accompanied by other activists but Madam Benney takes her stand alone. Well, at least it is so to visible view! But round her, I feel quite certain, are the hosts of Heaven blessing her and spurring her on. (Hebrews 12:1). Yes, each week when the travelling cinema comes to the village hall, Norma is on the steps of its entrance, complete with her latest poster. As you'll see, the week I was privileged to join her - having spent a wonderful week in her home - we were making a stand against the fast-food chain: Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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