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From Summer 2004 Issue

Yes & Senior Citizens* Should Make The Most Of Their Standing, Even If Seated!

A seat was kindly given to me directly in front of the police, at the entrance in to the arena. One hoped to trouble the consciences of any going in to watch this bloody and barbaric spectacle. It's surprising what a collar can do!

Incidentally, it is gratifying to know that in Spain, the city fathers of Barcelona have come down against the spectacle of bull fighting! Let's highly commend them for the same. Appalling indeed that a Spanish archbishop has been an avid supporter of this grotesque sport for many years. The late Hans Fishinger - to his dying day - made a constant one man stand against the appalling example of several priests within the Catholic Church of which he was a practising member. 'May his efforts never have been in vain!' Thankfully I was introduced to one of his great admirers while outside the Aries bullring: the militant David Whiting whose late mother (Lady Dowding) brought into being: BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY.

I tell you this: with people such as Hans Fishinger and Lady Dowding looking down upon us from the battlements of Glory, we are assured of tremendous victory. Yes, and let us thank God for living saints. I think of 84-year-old Joan Court's recent 48 hour hunger strike in opposition to a proposed new vivisection complex in Oxford. Yes, and I'm sure we're all grateful to a top heart specialist whose exposed the fallacy of Vivisection. I refer to respected trauma surgeon Jerry Vlasak. If the Home Secretary forbids him future entry to the UK- or indeed, calls the army in against us - he'll surely encounter more than he bargains for. He grossly underestimates the power and vigilance of animal activists who are the most compassionate and caring people in the whole world.

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