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Winter Edition: 2004

Christmas Eroded Through A Laodicean Church

It is because of lack of any priority upon spiritual and moral factors that the majority of younger folk know so little about the true meaning of Christmas Yes, about why angels singled out animal carers - shepherds - to announce to them the birth of the Son of God Yes, why God chose for His Son a manger as more fitting for Jesus birth than any luscious palace. Indeed, how Jesus never forgot HIS infant upbringing and chose to identify His Fathers care for us as being as deep and caring as a past shepherd's care for his sheep Indeed, what an indictment such a message is to modern intensive husbandry as we see it today And how did husbandry and the abuse of farm animals and birds deteriorate in to such appalling depths of cruelty and unspeakable horror? I'll tell you: because clergy in the pulpits at a time ‘when churches were always far more full than empty’ kept their mouths shut. Such blatant hypocrites preferred to denounce instead the 'sins' of bingo, booze, 'self abuse', the mini-skirt, or the coarse jokes we equate with a music hall. 0' yes, and we mustn't forget the grave and heinous sins of missing Mass, practising contraception, or of having a flutter on the pools or of shopping on the Sabbath

Believe me, the churches are no better today in the year 2004! At present I'm waging controversy in local and regional newspapers over the evils of hunting. As 1 denounce these macabre practices 1 find that certain bishops are supporting blood 'sports'. 1 tell you this that these bishops are nothing less than downright hypocrites. Jesus would undoubtedly have lashed at them with His tongue 'Whitened sepulchres outwardly attractive but only a covering for decomposing flesh and rotting bones. "How can you escape the judgments of hell?" I tell you on first hand evidence: not one Diocesan bishop in office within the UK is a vegetarian! Consequently, they'll all be tucking into their intensively reared fowl for a way to celebrate our Blest Saviour's birthday. Well, not quite accurate! The Bishop of Chester affirmed earlier this year that he chooses organic fowl as an example ‘Well, good for him!' But don't clap too soon He has since then come out in full favour of hunting with hounds. So need one wonder that Christendom is losing out. Like those in Laodicea, (Revelation 316) today's church is a luke warm abomination 'to be spewed out‘

Yes, we are now having difficulty in procuring Christian Christmas cards We are told by those who appear to have no Faith whatever, that emphasising anything specifically Christian might offend minority groups Have you ever known anything as ludicrous? Take this reasoning to its logical conclusion and just imagine where such 'reasoning' would take us! Mind you, one would have expected the leaders of our major Christian denominations to have got the churches together in some united statement For example, that a daily assembly be still the norm in each school, and that RE remain a compulsory subject However, with a bearded archbishop at the helm of the C Of E waffling, dithering and looking all ways so as not to offend, what chance have we? As the Bible says 'If the trumpet gives an uncertain note, who will rally to the call?’

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