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Winter Edition: 2004

Lust Of Palate Worse Than Lust Of Penis!

In Victorian society, should a young maiden - out to please! - be found pregnant then she could well be dragged before the front of the Nonconformist chapel and publicly scorned as loose. Indeed, if Catholic she might be sent to a laundry run by Nuns and reminded of the sinful act she had performed, and for which she must now pay the painful penalty for bringing a bastard in to the world. Yes, and the chapel deacons or the catholic nuns who dished out such treatment - considering themselves the teachers of virtue - indulged in a far less forgivable lust of the flesh. One they, and the rest, were oblivious of! It involved animals bred to feed the lust of their palates.

However, we who are alive today are even in a guiltier state still, for we know full well the appalling practices involved in intensive dairies and factory farms. However, you may well ask: 'Why this outburst primarily against the Salvation Army?' And my answer is this - that though no one appreciates more than 1 the wonderful work that this army for The Lord has done, and is still doing! - It is due to their present project: TWO BY TWO; the front page of which actually shows two sheep, quite cutely, making their way into the Ark. Nevertheless, on reading further it involves requests for large donations - something this branch of Christendom is well geared up on! - in order to purchase animals so that starving families might receive them.. Being handed - for example - a pregnant cow so that once the calf is born it can be sold for their financial benefit, and then the cow’s milk can then be used for the family.

I sense the only thing commendable is that for a donation of no less than £350 a needy family could be provided with 6 chickens, 1 rooster, plus a pen - and food for a year! So, I'll say this for them: the project is hardly – at this stage - along battery lines!. And for that we can be grateful

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