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Winter Edition: 2004

Once Again The Media Were Uncannily Absent

Yes, God was with us that day, so appeared to be the police! But where were the local press and the TV? As usual, they were quite uncannily absent. I ask; "'What good is a free press when its editors are so biased, for if that day's proceedings were not newsworthy then what was?” I’ll tell you: someone that morning given the freedom of the city, and Prince Charles attending! Well how very sad; but then, what can one expect when football, rugby, or a pop star receive greater media coverage than the starving millions or an earthquake that destroys thousands? Of course-, we were not alone in lacking media coverage. Precisely the same thing happened last year. For then, a whole group of dedicated Buddhist monks, arrayed in saffron robes, held a vigil on the same spot of Porton Down Yet not one mention was made of it in the loca! press One can surely be forgiven for wondering what liaison exists between the Salisbury newspaper and the Ministry Of Defence. Yet we're supposed to be living in a democratic country. What a farce’ I tell you the tentacles of big brother are entangling free speech every day. 1 don't mind 'gays‘ speaking out in open debate, or via the press, against heterosexual practices, but I do strongly object when I'm forbidden to speak out against homosexual ones. Indeed, 1 don't mind Muslims criticizing Christian values, but should 1 choose to oppose their lifestyles in the press or media then I've no doubt that the letter would be censored It's ail very subtle It implies that, bit-by-bit, human freedom of expression - and ability to express ones views via the media ' is being more and more curtailed. Not only are further restrictions being based on protests against the proposed animal experimentation block in Oxford - protestors being banned from a radius approaching it but equally, the freedom to choose our medication or, indeed, the very water we drink, -is being deviously taken away from us.

Let me enlarge upon each: while severe restrictions are being imposed through this government upon herbal and mineral supplements which 1 refer to as prime medications, the drug and chemical Mafia are dishing out pills and tablets, the majority of which are worthless These are not simply my words but that of a recently retired boss of a leading drug firm. What is more, only this past month,, i learn that Amatol (a beta blocker for hypertension) is now considered to be no more value than a placebo i e: a dummy pill. Yet the masses have been conned over this, while the manufacturers have been making billions.

As for our drinking water it is now being proposed by this government that it be contaminated with fluoride waste in order to forcefully immunise us against tooth decay. Yet, the substance – as touched on last quarter - is a deadly poison the waste of fertilizer chimney scrapings. Indeed, should the government succeed here, what will be dumped in next'? Will it be Bromide, Prozac or far deadlier?

Sadly, with the worthy exception of a Daily Mail, the nation’s tabloids - along with TV news priorities - are but a reflection of what the majority of folk prefer to watch and know, for 'where ignorance is bliss' goes the saying 'it is folly to be wise'. And this majority is the fruit of an 'education' which makes more of rivalry and competitiveness than it does of compassion and care for the underling. Through the curse of a one sided educational system our universities are competing to get students who don't know the elementary basics of survival. They eventually graduate not only with degrees that stand for less and less, but with debts that stand for more and more!

Our life span is most uncertain - it could be taken from us at any time. And if not by age through sickness or accident at any time. Yet the masses are bankrupt for eternity. They just don't want io face the one thing that is unavoidable and inevitable: one's departure from this present life, one's removal from this present world! I'm sure that what all of us need to take very much to heart before we venture out each day or retire to sleep each night are these words: 'What will it profit a man if he were to gain the whole world and yet lose his own soul?' And, 'at a time you know not of the Son of man cometh'‘

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