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Winter Edition: 2004

Salisbury's Demo & Porton Down’s Vigil

Thanks to the driving force and dedication of a pensioner, a wonderful demonstration occurred in Salisbury. Indeed, after a rally within the city centre in which a delightful representative of the local Green Party addressed us, we made our way, led by police escort, around the circumference of the city and then through the shopping centre.

Indeed, though the weather forecast was very grim and rain had heavily fallen in the morning, just m time for us; the weather not only lifted but the sun came out? Yes, it shone upon us. all the way, and this combined rally of militant Christians and Green Party activists really made people think. What is more, the police were most courteous and helpful. What an honour it was to be with such wonderful folk. Yes, and to be walking behind a banner that said; ‘Christian Concern For Lab Animals'.. Leaflets were constantly being given out to bystanders who couldn't fail to be impressed. I tell you it was a tonic to be there. All thanks to Jenny Pothecary who had arranged it all! This delightful lady is on the far right of the following photo, seen carrying a megaphone.

Yes, but this was not all. Later in the day, when dusk was beginning to fall, a remaining contingency made its way to the entrance of Porton Down; and though it began to rain, under the shelter of protective trees we sang two hymns, I offered relevant prayers, and then, assisted by dear Catriona Short who'd brought a lovely spray of flowers, the top police officer came to our aid. “Would you like me to drive the two of you up to the main entrance?" he asked. We agreed, and the three of us - each of Scottish extraction - prayed at the fence for the animals incarcerated, and - with the help of this senior officer - the flowers were fixed into the fence as a reminder.

Yes, and as if to further confirm the sinister and, indeed, grotesque practices of this massive M-O.D. complex, the daily tabloids have since brought to light what that establishment was prepared to do to vulnerable humans in 1953. Under the pretext that they were trying out a new formula to combat the common flu, they were using these volunteers to try out a deadly nerve gas which had fatal consequences. Indeed, if this is how they were prepared to treat human volunteers, can one imagine what such warped minds will do to defenceless animals? Thank God indeed, for the Wiltshire police who successfully carried out such an investigation against our, so called, ''ministry of defence'!

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