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Winter Edition: 2004

Salvationists Are ‘Well Behind’ Their Founders!

Yes. indeed they are! So far behind them as to be unrecognisable, for William and Catherine Booth became in later life keen vegetarians. What is more, when their son Bramwell succeeded his Dad as the general he emphasised the need of this to all his officers. It is, therefore, remarkable that whereas today's Salvationist leaders still oppose all alcoholic drink - a real curse amongst those Victorian working classes, but hardly of much relevance today! - they prefer to look upon 'turning one’s body into an animal cemetery as of no significance whatsoever. Like the rest of today’s mainline Christendom, their compassion reaches out hardly any further than in encompassing the worst predatory species of all: depraved humanity.

One would like to think that, due to the waste of valuable land used to pasture and raise animals upon - land which ought to be used to grow grain for human consumption! - that, for the sake of starving millions of humanity, Christians would be advocating a non dairy and Vegan life style. For this is: the perfect solution to the world’s food problem. But no, they are too short-sighted to know the sheer waste of grain, resulting in the process of feeding cattle for future slaughter so as to provide carnivorous ‘junk food’ for humans..

It could well be, of course - and it may be nearer to the truth - that as they themselves cannot think of living without eating animal corpses, they feel that those in the third world must have the same craving. Indeed, it's OK for the Salvation Army and other major churches to have forcefully denounced ‘the sins of the flesh’. Putting it less bluntly than some, I'd agree that the lust of a penis has, frequently, no conscience! But let’s get rid - once and for all time - of that narrow hypocritical Victorian interpretation of lust. What about the even worse sin of the flesh: ‘the lust of the palate’? Indeed, it would appear that, in looking at the restaurants, the grocers and the butchers, that it has no conscience whatsoever! I tell you that the legacy of Victorian prudishness and hypocrisy has been our nation’s curse for too long. Lust is not confined to sex!

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