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Winter Edition: 2004

Why The Fashion Industry Thrives

Friend, never be ashamed to stand out as different! Never be afraid to speak or go contrary to the masses. The majority lack the guts to be different They are afraid of being laughed at by those with whom they mix. Consequently, the fashion industries thrive on human weakness They change the styles every year and the vast majority lacking any self opinion of a marked degree change their attire to be the same as the rest. I tell you, this kind of programming is deeper than we care at times to face up to. How many of us are prepared to go out with a brown shoe on one foot and a black on the other? The fact is. we're terrified of folk laughing at us and calling us eccentric, and yet, does it really matter? I sense again that 'so called' education has taught us 'bugger all’! “0' dear James, you shouldn’t have used that last word. It wasn't very nice and people may not like you for saying it. Don’t lower your standards!” ‘No, just be respectable like the rest of folk. 'Hold your plate, tilting it away from you, as vou partake of your Cockaleekee soup from Baxters’ (They say it's good for the male incontinent) "0 James, you really shouldn't have said that. It's so unbefitting of a clergyman!” 'Sorry, 1 admit my fault. 1'll make sure to keep my mouth shut; holding the napkin in the right place ready to open my mouth with decorum to devour the carcase of a bird cooked in its own entails Yes, I'll make sure my hands are clean as 1 make my body - the temple of God's Spirit' - a putrefying grave yard for animal corpses. And I’ll join my fellow clergy, from the Pope downwards, in offering grace over it! - 'Will I heck!‘

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