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A Selection from the Spring 2005 Issue

A Reader Called Anthony Johnson

I haven’t met this delightful fellow but we are obviously kindred spirits. He writes to me now and then; and his epistles are a joy and a tonic to read. He has little time for waffle’s such as Rowan of Canterbury, feeling that he would be more appropriate as high priest for the druids – indeed, our archbishop is proud to be one!. However, Anthony has less time still for the British Board Of Deputies of British Jews (The UK Sanhedrin!), as one of their spokesmen has myopically said: “There is no connection at all between our past treatment of animals and the later handling of Jews by Nazis”. Andrew rightly affirms, however, that there IS a connection because – to quote Reverend Regina Hyland’s truly superb book: God’s Covenant With The Animals – ‘the way men treat animals is the way they themselves will get treated’!

Jesus understood the natural laws of Nemesis (or karmic justice) and what the history of Judaism has sown – it’s biblical record of mass slaughters, from Canaanites and Philistines to the daily blood bath of defenceless animals brought into its successive temples - surely has brought upon it what it was once so proud to inflict. Indeed, such is the gist of my enlightened friend’s correspondence; and – I’m convinced that it needs to be driven home because our Christian images of the past temples of Judaism have been far removed from the daily wholesale slaughter, filth, stench and fear that almost hourly occurred within them. Yes, a concept of seeking divine propitiation via non-voluntary substitutes – defenceless animals – to ‘supposedly’ atone for human sins. A teaching as far removed from Jesus message, as is the moon from cheese.

I honestly haven’t always time to write to so many well-wishers, but to you at least Andrew, much appreciation for your just and moral insights implying ‘what a nation sows is what it should - in all fairness - expect to reap’ What is more, if there’s any forgiveness forthcoming, it can only be justly offered if it comes from the victims! And as for the forgiveness which is offered from God, it is only to the extent that we have forgiven others who’ve wronged us! Are we Christians a forgiving lot? I very much question it! I only hope that the animals we eat and hourly abuse are more forgiving of us!

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