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A Selection from the Spring 2005 Issue

Blaspheming Christ Is Permissible; Denouncing ‘GAYS’ Is Not!

Yes, profaning the name of Our Saviour is perfectly permissible - I would even say downright encouraged – by the BBC run at our expense. But woe betide those who criticize using the passage of defecation for sexual gratification. They’ll have the whole ‘GAY’ community out to sue them! Incidentally, I use the word in inverted commas because, as a group, I find them far from bright, happy and sunny – as is my dictionary’s definition of the term.

Homosexuals are free to do what they want providing it is mutually acceptable to those of a mature age. However, to use the biological organ of excretion for sexual satisfaction is not only to make ones self open to catch all manner of diseases - downwards from AIDs - but is also to frequently do irreparable damage to the sphincter muscles; and this can have devastating effects for one’s future; particularly when a mere youth has been coaxed into such deviation by someone older than ones self. Sadly, such factors never seem to be discussed in open conversation as – quite hypocritically! – one is hardly expected to air such delicate issues in the open.

I equally must affirm that whereas some homosexuals are a downright pest, others are most refined, courteous and compassionate. And not a few are concerned about Animal Right issues. Therefore, I am not here to harshly condemn them. But then, I’m equally unprepared to say – with an air of broadmindedness! – ‘live and let live’!. Indeed, I may have little – if anything atall – in common with the new Pope! But. At least he recognises the difference between why God made two biological channels: one for bringing life in to the world and another for the elimination of putrefying waste. To that extent I can say: ‘thank God for Pope Benedict!’ He certainly stands out in, marked, moral contrast to many Anglican counterparts.

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