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A Selection from the Spring 2005 Issue

New Labour: The Ruination Of Family Life

The old saying: ĎI may not agree with what you have to say, but will defend your right to say it to the lastí is being subtly eroded by New Labour under Tony Blair and his cabinet of puppets. And as for (so called) educational projects, and Tonyís intention that the up and coming generation should all benefit from a university course, I sense it is utterly pointless while ever the outcome is 99% assimilation and indoctrination, whereas a mere 1% appears to be inspiration and individuality. Surely it becomes little more than a mere form of brainwashing of the masses! A creation of puppets, akin to a past Communist proletariat. Yes, a process which begins in infancy by making it the norm that youngsters be denied time with mother so as to attend communal, state run nurseries from as young as 3yrs of age.

Well yes, this is a society getting what it, actually, deserves! Without a qualm of conscience it breeds chickens battery style; and now itís seeking to rear our children battery style as a corollary. Heaven help the little mites! The future generation will become even harder to control than the present deviant one! Mums have already become little more than breeding hens; and Dads no more than heartless cockerels who strut from one hen to another. As a ditty from my past expressed it:

Good luck to the cock that treads the hen.
He flaps his wings and does it again.

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