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A Selection from the Spring 2005 Issue

New Labours’ End To The Family Tree

Doreen’s consuming hobby is in tracing her family tree’. Well, thanks to New Labour’s eagerness to give equal rights to the unmarried, genealogy – after all these centuries – will cease to be possible. In fact, already, children have little if any idea as who their Dad is. Only a Mum could once be pretty sure; but nowadays more and more youngsters are feeling – in the words of Rose Marie’s song - ‘I’m nobodies child’.

Yet this government has the hypocrisy to speak about stamping out such factors as paedophilia! Well, I know that to a minute extent it always went on; but nothing like it is today. Although warned when a child to keep away from ‘naughty men’, they were few and far between. Consequently, the woods were full of children going for picnics and picking daffodils for Mum. What a contrast to today’ when Mum is out at work getting extra money to pay for another Mediterranean holiday as well as cover the expense of a goggle box for each room in the house. Don’t these Baby Breeders realize that it’s time, love and attention that children crave for with a real Mum rather than foreign holidays, computers and soulless gadgets from an out at work, career orientated substitute to a loving mother? Obviously, New Labour can’t see this? Too many career women in its ranks rather than loving home makers!

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