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A Selection from the Spring 2005 Issue

Why Callest Thou Me Good?

Yes, these are the words of Jesus. ‘None is good except God’. Well, either the doctrine of the trinity must be called in question, or otherwise Christ was indirectly hinting that He may well be God Himself: a much more acceptable interpretation for Trinitarians! However, what I have chiefly in mind comes through the recent illness and death of Pope John Paul. No one could fail to be impressed by the crowds emotionally overcome as the death of their beloved Pontiff drew near. “The holy father is such a good man” said one. Well, quite probably so! Mind you an evangelical Protestant would hardly appreciate any man allowing himself to be called the Holy Father. ‘It’s the title Jesus used of God Himself in the garden of Gethsemane!’ Nevertheless, within the last century the pomp and ceremony surrounding the supreme head of Roman Catholicism has been played down considerably. Although the term ‘Vicar of Christ’ is still used, the carrying of him around by a glorified Sedan chair, above the heads for all to see, has been well terminated. Consequently, so much that deeply offended Bible orientated Protestants has ceased to be; and for all such changes one can be more than grateful in an era in which Christians, more and more, consider what they have in common rather than in what has divided them down past centuries.

Nevertheless, ‘goodness’, as the term has been defined in both Catholicism as well as Eastern orthodoxy - not to mention Anglicanism! – is frequently far removed from what it is to enlightened animal activists. In fact a goodness confined to keeping within the moral lines of a Churches rule of faith can be limited and blinkered to such an extent as to be unworthy of the word! Certainly Anna Sewell recognised this when, as author of Black Beauty she wrote:

‘You can talk as much as you like about your religion but if it does not teach you to be kind to animals as wel;l as humans then it is nothing but a sham’

.Well, similarly, in my own controversial little book CAST OUT OF THE ARK – I preface the same by saying

: ‘’We Christians talk a lot about holy living; sometimes about being ‘baptized in the Spirit’. However. our true spiritual depth is mirrored for all to see. It’s in the way we treat God’s helpless’

Yes, you’ll appreciate that God’s helpless are not merely those of humanity. It concerns the whole of creation over which we are called to fulfil a caring stewardship: the strong prepared to do all in their power to protect the weak; just like a past eastern shepherd who was prepared to sacrifice and even endanger his own life in order to protect the flock of animals entrusted to his care.

When I think of genuine good ness I, personally, do not think of either a saintly John Paul, a shrewd Rowan Williams or possibly a sinister Benedict – whose thankless jobs have primarily been to keep conflicting branches of their denomination together – no I think of two recent folk: one whom I know personally, and one whom I so deeply admire yet have not had the privilege of meeting. The first is a chronic invalid and the second is a highly qualified heart surgeon:

Colin Johnson is a tonic to behold, whose consuming concern is for stray and starving cats and dogs in islands where churchianity is very evident while animal care and compassion is extremely low. Colin is a living miracle. He has been in and out of surgery with major surgery. To see his stomach is to view a mass of scars from top to bottom. Indeed, he frequently gasps for breath and is recently found with an oxygen cylinder at his side. The last time I visited him for major surgery he was told that the odds of getting through a further operation were very much weighed against him due to the state of his heart. Yet he assured me that he was not afraid of going to his Maker, but would, nevertheless, like a few more months as the cats, for which he raises funds, still need him. How Colin manages to get around unaided - driving a car, from which he has to assemble and later dismantle his invalid chair parts at each Super market he attends – is quite baffling and mind boggling; but he manages to do it! “God gives me the strength” he says. Yes, Colin is well known as a unique personality sat in the leading super market entrances of North Wales, and asking for money to support the many shelters he visits abroad. Here is a photo of the two of us outside one of the many Sainsbury stores.

Concerning the Heart Surgeon, his name is Jerry Vlasak. And though he reached fame as a cardiac specialist he felt that the appalling cruelty and deception around the vivisection industry needed to be exposed openly to the world. In fact he was so incensed at the misguided teaching and practices surrounding this appalling pseudo science that he put exposing such a vile practice before his most philanthropic career. Naturally, such exposure of the multi billion pound drug and chemical industry did not go unnoticed. When he affirmed words similar to those uttered about Christ implying: that some ‘human’ may need to be sacrificed in order to terminate a nation of evil, then the Home Office intervened. Marriage breaker and self confessed adulterer David Blunkett – though a past patron of Humane Research! - saw to it that this American was banned from any future entry in to Britain. But thankfully, this is not the last we learn about the brave heart surgeon - cum animal rights activist. This previous month, while Captain Watson and his crew have been severely attacked by the Canadian Sealing fleet – backed by the Canadian government! – the first to be attacked in the fight, and quite badly injured while protecting his camera on the ice, was none other than Jerry Vlasak.

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