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Summer 2005 Issue

Alas! Our Moral Priorities Have Hardly Changed Today

Indeed, in such an era – and in much more recent times as well – one can go across the sea to Ireland and find folk appallingly mistreating animals without a qualm of conscience. They might well abuse Protestants as well! Such misdemeanours would be classed as venial sins at the worst. No need to confess them to Father. “Just offer a prayer of contrition, my son, and you’ll be alright!” Yes, but miss attending Mass on Sunday or another holy day of obligation and you’ve committed a mortal sin. And until you get absolution by seeking out a priest then – should you die in that state you’ll not go to Purgatory for a considerable season but to hellfire for ever!. Indeed, much more could be said; but I’ll just touch on a statement – not from Ireland! – but from Italy, as recent as 1992, when a leading Italian Archbishop hit the world’s headlines, as the following cutting on the below reminds us:

Sadly, I actually received a personal letter, directly, from Cardinal Basil Hume clearly affirming that according to official Catholic teaching the animals have no soul; and when they die they cease to exist!

Well, in all fairness, traditional Catholic theology is not the only culprit here, as the next page reveals

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