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Summer 2005 Issue

Fundamentally Blinkered

Let not those of a Calvinistic ‘Reformed’ theology preen with an ‘assumed’ greater insight in to The Word of God! For that branch of theology, which is very prominent in Protestant Evangelical circles, is truly summed up in the following illustration below. For in it the delightful and entertaining cartoonist knows that one picture can convey a thousand words.

Indeed, the theology of Wesley was much more consistent – as was that of William Booth and the Holiness Movements that followed. Would, however, that they had evolved, as did both John Wesley in his later life, and then the Booth family –particularly the son Bramwell – in both practising and advocating a vegetarian life style!

It’s a strange kind of ‘sinless perfection’ or ‘second work of grace’ theology which looks upon sanctity as avoiding all alcoholic drink, a flutter on the pools, of entering a dance hall – or as in the past – even entering a cinema. Not to mention the evil seduction of a mini skirt, plus rouge and lipstick

Yes, all such ‘evils’ conveniently censured and frowned upon - while eating in to battery eggs and chickens without a qualm of conscience! Yes, I think Christ would say, both of Roman and Reformed theologians and the denominations they have created, words to this effect: “Woe to you: scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You pick out moral gnats as you swallow moral camels whole. By your traditions you make the word of God of no effect. Yes, you err greatly because you know neither the extent of the love of God or the true message of my Gospel.”.

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