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Summer 2005 Issue

Silkstone Village, Yorkshire, and Its Churchyard Memorial

This is a village near Barnsley and within the large churchyard there is a monument – largely erected by public subscriptions from the poor villagers! – in memory of their young children drowned in a terrible pit disaster. The working conditions were appalling when, one day, a cloudburst resulted in a flood of water rushing down in to the open seams. The colliery owner and his family were regular worshippers at the church. – indeed, there’s a private chapel built within the church, as the gentry who worshipped in it were considered of a superior station in life to the workers, and therefore were not to fraternise with them! Yes, reflective of even the conditioned authoress of ‘All Things Bright & Beautiful’, whose lesser-sung verse reads:

The rich man in his castle, the poor man at his gate;
He made them rich or lowly and ordered their estate!

The disaster was given prominence throughout Britain and – most tactfully! – it was agreed by the Incumbent (vicar or rector of the parish) that an ‘appropriate inscription be placed on the impressive memorial for all the drowned children; some who were hardly more than infants. The wording was most tactfully agreed upon, and what stands out today from the rest, for posterity to read, are the words to whom the responsibility of the tragedy was subtly attributed:

A sudden and unexpected visitation of the Lord occurred!

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