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Summer 2005 Issue

If ‘Wine is a mocker & strong drink a curse’ then what about milk?

We are living in an age in which animals are diabolically treated. Yet few folk are concerned, and highly respectable folk – many of them devout Christian worshippers – are fully involved in assimilating carnivorous junk food, the product of intensively bred birds and animals. Indeed, side by side with the battery egg production as well as the intensively bred broiler chickens, the milk from horribly abused cows is dished out to moisten our cornflakes and ‘respectably’ whiten our tea. And whereas the consumption of alcohol by a Reverend in Presbyterian Scotland raised some eyebrows as well as some looks of strong disapproval: not so a cup of tea whitened, assumedly, by ‘the juice of the cow’.

Indeed, as dear Billy Graham once jokingly said: “How brown cows eat green grass and then produce white milk is not my concern. I simply drink the milk and say hallelujah for it!”. Yes, but more irresponsible still, the milk that is not used by us is emptied down the drains as comparable to unwanted water in every café, restaurant, church hall and, indeed, almost every household.

Indeed, the above newspaper cutting of myself taken from Sunday’s notorious ‘News Of The World’in 1992, had a remarkable effect on the sales potential of my blockbuster (revised and republished this year under the title: YOUNG SPIRITUAL TRAMP). But it equally resulted in some ‘born again’ members of my congregation rebuking my openness and honesty, for having confessed to an eager press syndicate of such a far off moral lapse. Yet the employment of those who morally shunned my open confession, was linked up with catching lobsters to be boiled alive! They could well have been singing gospel choruses – rejoicing in salvation! – at the same time as they slowly boiled their captives in the lobster pots. Talk about the frying pan calling the kettle black; I tell you, it doesn’t come in to it! Nevertheless, I mustn’t be too judgmental. I must ask: “Who gave them such biased moral perspectives?”

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