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Summer 2005 Issue

The ‘Typical’ Moral Priorities Of Church Folk

Yes, I have just returned from Sunday worship in a Welsh chapel, to which Doreen and I were afterwards invited to partake of refreshments. Indeed, it was an eye opener to us, but sadly to no one else! Milk was put out on each table and, at the close of the fellowship; at least forty percent was left over to be deposited down the sink and in to the drain. Meanwhile these, basically, most compassionate folk had raised a considerable amount of money for the starving millions in needy far off countries.

But now they began to discuss what they were about to have for their Sunday dinners! One said that her Sunday joint was already roasting in the oven at home, and she needed to get back to turn the oven down before her joint became a ‘ burnt offering’! And another couple intervened to say that they really enjoyed a juicy lamb chop. Yes, and while quite a few knew me to be termed the animal padre – and had surely read my many articles in the local newspapers – it didn’t register that all they were saying was directly against all I stood for.

Yes, such elderly and devout worshippers one could hardly class as hypocrites. Indeed, the Preacher spoke on that favourite gospel passage: “You must be born again”! And what is more, he spoke on the spiritual arrogance of so many who advocated it. Yet he, himself, had experienced the new birth. “You know when you’ve passed from death to life” he went on. And I couldn’t have agreed with him more. But when I touched on our inhumanity to weaker forms of life than our own he appeared vague. He was courteous and kind but Christianity and animal rights appeared to be totally different worlds. The elderly gentleman of eighty was undoubtedly humble, sincere and undoubtedly good. I could never call such a lay preacher a hypocrite. His message was a blessing to my soul. Yet the concept of animal care being part of the gospel had never, seemingly, registered. He was in no way a hypocrite, and neither were the members of the congregation. Consequently I was left with the question: Who gave both Lay Preacher and congregation such inadequate and blinkered moral concepts?

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