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Summer 2005 Issue

The Religious Elite Haven’t Changed From Ist Century Palestine

Yes, in a very real sense history repeats itself. Human nature changes little. And, consequently, what confronted Jesus in first century Palestine confronts us similarly today. It is, therefore, no coincidence that whereas the ordinary folk gladly listened to Jesus and were compared by Him as sheep void of a shepherd’s care, the folk he singled out to be most vehemently rebuked and denounced, were the religious leaders of His day. They were – without doubt – the only group of folk in the gospels that He denounced in – what some would paradoxically say – a most un Christ like manner!

Whereas our Lord simply referred to Herod as a fox, kept silent in the presence of Pilate and prayed for forgiveness on the soldiers who crucified Him - implying that they knew not what they were doing - He showed no excuse towards the religious leaders who sought to corner Him. Furthermore, a full chapter in Matthew is centered on His opinion of those who claimed to be the moral mouthpieces of the nation. This 23rd chapter is well worth looking up as it shows the outer ostentation of the clerical elite and their topsy-turvy moral priorities, and the ultimate doom to which these hypocrites were destined. What is more: “you pick out the gnat while you swallow whole camels” He said; meaning that small moral misdemeanours were enlarged out of all proportion while massive moral misdemeanours were gulped over and forgotten. Yes, indeed, so are the clerical synods of today: our modern Sanhedrin’s! Just think of the woolly and prolonged debates concerning women in holy orders; of communion with the Methodists. Yes, not to mention Anglicans and Romans receiving Communion at the same Altar. Such issues – which they consider to have extremely high implications – go on indefinitely. But mention the evils of raising turkeys, intensively, for consumption on Christ’s birthday and they’ll think you’ve gone raving mad. The coin just doesn’t appear to drop!

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