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Summer 2005 Issue

The Buck Must Surely Rest With Christendom’s Leadership!

I tell you, my friends that those responsible for the pernicious and distorted moral views of so called past Christian civilizations are not of the rank and file but rather of the religious elite. I have become convinced that the buck must lie with our major Christian denominations, and primarily their top leaders. And, indeed, it has always been so. As time and space do not permit within the confines of a newsletter, let us go no further back than in to God fearing, Victorian Britain. For there you’ll find entrepreneurs growing rapidly rich through associations with the slave trade. Indeed, while Negroes are in chattels within stables outside, the Good Book is opened and family prayers are offered daily. Indeed, closer to ones home, young children are chained to looms or else sent in to rat infested collieries without a qualm of conscience. Yet should any of them utter a blasphemy they would be severely beaten. Prostitutes were ostracized; flower girls and match sellers were left on the brink of starvation, while the masses loved to have a weep at some theatrical melodrama. Horses used for hackney carriages and trams were, frequently, mercilessly beaten, while cute looking domestic pedigrees were unhealthily pampered to high heaven.

The young and, frequently, the most generous of girls were the most vulnerable. In kindness they may well say to some devious character of a, supposed, higher station: “O’ if you wish! But, Please, be careful with me. If I were to get pregnant I’d do away with myself!” And the response from some devious squire’s son might well be: “Indeed? I say, how aw-fully, aw-fully considerate of you!”

I have certainly not forgotten how my Dad was turned off from religion as a youth. “You must go to Church Robert!” his Mum would say. “The Vicar notices that you have been absent; and he says that no good will come from it!” However, my Dad knew of a worse tearaway than himself within the close-knit village. He said it was the Squire’s son. Well, that may well have been the case. However, Sunday worship never began until the Squire and his family drove up in their carriage. Carpeting was laid out for them on several occasions. They had their own side chapel near the altar; and – what is more – they had vested interests in a colliery where young children and barebacked women had once worked. Yet the Vicar who strongly denounced the so-called evils of indolence, alcoholism and a rising trade unionism, never touched on the appalling working conditions of the time. It was said: ‘he knew on which side of his bread the butter was spread’!

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