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Winter 2005 Issue

Christís Nativity Versus A Pagan Festival

The original Pagan festival of the Roman Saturnalia - the name of which was later changed after Constantineís ilk in to Christ(ís)mass, following on from his conversion to Orthodox Christianity, became far from orthodox! As centuries past the persecuted minorities of Christians were replaced by the persecuting majority of Pagans who Ė to court imperial privileges Ė lined up to be baptized with little change of heart. Yes, and bringing their old Pagan feasts of debauchery drunkenness and carnivorous lust with them. Indeed, how many of us realise that the two most prominent festivals of the churches calendar, Christmas and Easter (name given to the goddess of the dawn!); are the cruellest for the animals?

On these two Pagan festivals which Ė thanks to a church calendar! Ė have become intertwined with the birth, or death and resurrection of Jesus - more animals are heartlessly slaughtered in Britain than at any other season. Consequently, it is strange, indeed, that many animal activists who have turned their backs on Christianity should proudly affirm themselves as Pagans. Obviously, they havenít gone far back in to the history of such a religion! But then, no more are these new Pagans consistent than are those animal activists who claim to follow the religious practices of the American Indians. These may well put up their dream catchers above their beds; but if they are to be consistent then they will need to revive gruesome methods of ritual slaughter. Well, God forbid!

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